2021: REVIEW Kids on the Block

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  • Overall Feels: Love, Sorrow, Love, Desperation, Love, Anger, Love, Love, Love, Love

    What I Dug about the Gameplay: Its' remarkable way of telling a story from multiple perspectives, yet willingness to tell let you experience it from your own as well. Every inch of this work of art dripped with the deep emotional connection to its makers.

    Favorite Moment: Everything is beautiful and raw. So I'll share just one of the moments that affected me while moving through this game. You're in a hospital room with the main characters, and there are brightly colored Cards strewn about the room. If you open one of these cards it would contain a personal message that was from a family to their loved one who is battling or has battled cancer. The developer collected these real messages and put them into the game. As I realized that each of these cards told a personal story, (ex. "Keep fighting Jimmy, we love you!" or simply... "I miss you mom") I also realized the AMOUNT of cards in the room. Then I left the room and walked into the hallway, also splattered with Cards, then I found another room, another hallway, another desk, another hallway, ALL filled with these cards. Phew. I lost it. Each card represented a whole universe and seeing so.....many of them...in one place made me angry. I gutterly yelled "STOP", and I was yelling at Cancer, I was pissed. Still am. After a good cry and lots of breathing, I composed myself enough to read every last one of those cards, each one as beautiful and touching as the last. This game transcends the meaning of game, and I feel so lucky the developers chose this medium, my favorite medium to tell their story. Thank you.

  • Overall Feels: Pride, Growth, sheer moments of Elation

    What I Dug about the Gameplay: The way this game rewards your imagination. The characters, their abilities, and the way you see players and use them are pure poetry in motion. This is the game I have spent the most time with and even now I can't wait to play more. Add on top of that, charming special events and meaningful free additional content, Overwatch is something that I plan on playing for a long long time to come.

    Favorite Moment: There are so many in-game moments and even a few loot box gains that have rocketed me out of my seat into spontaneous dances. But my favorite moment came within the first few months that the game was out. DVA detonated her self-destruct bomb, and I was playing Reinhardt. Instinctively I- (before this was a well-known move, I just reacted) I charged toward the Bomb, grabbing it in my arms, rushing it away from my team. I pushed it directly into the DVA who set it off, killing her, sacrificing myself, and saving my team. I love this game.

    And another thing I like!- The way this franchise tells its story through Comics, Digital Short Films, Ambient Dialog, and the Environment feels so fresh and oddly fulfilling. Every new trinket of story you get feels like a prize, I love slowly figuring out this world and its players.

  • Overall Feels: Expansive, Gritty, Majestic, this game is the definition of Rich

    What I Dug about the Gameplay: The way this game made exploring feel so natural. Wander into town, check the posts, go to the Inn, help the village, then mosey on off. It almost felt like a great western. The longer you played the more robust the world became. Add to the fact that this version (which came out this year) included both of the stellar expansions. This game heartily earned all 190 hours of gameplay from me.

    Favorite Moment: I hate/love to admit it...but my favorite moment in this game came from Gwent...After a high stakes match, I won the match by accumulating over 200 points clinching a close victory, plus earning a PS Trophy on top of it. I did a celebratory dance.

  • Overall Feels: Beautiful, comprehensive, chock full of charm, a calming sense of euphoria

    What I Dug about the Gameplay: I hadn't played a farming type game before. So this one knocked me over with what it presented. I loved working one day, while anxiously looking forward to next. I had a smile plastered on my face every time I played.

    Favorite Moment: Looking at my Steam account before booting the game up and realizing I had sunk in 130 hours. I couldn't have been more proud.

  • Overall Feels: Fun, Thrilling, a Competitive Addiction

    What I Dug about the Gameplay: Clash Royale has such a Smart and Simple design, that lends itself to elicit surprising depths. Forget all the mobile game "money trap" tropes that surround it. The game itself is awesome and still exciting after 7 months of playing it...pretty much every day.

    Favorite Moment: Joining a rad community within the game who, not only enjoy playing it but are also fans of my favorite videogame website, giantbomb.com; it's a website about videogames.