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My collection of Xbox 360 games.

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  • Rented this game. Enjoyed it, and bought it.

  • I paid another one of my friends for this game, because he didn't like it, and evidently, I did.

  • I loved the first Bad Company and this game looked to be more of the same. I convinced one of my friends to pre-order the Limited Edition for me. Was worth that £40...

  • This was the first Brothers in Arms game I had played, and I only remember buying it after seeing gameplay on YouTube. A tactical WWII shooter? Oh, I'm having some of that.

  • I didn't know much about this game, but I got it with money after Christmas. The soundtrack alone made me want it. And then I discovered that it was a great game as well!

  • I originally rented this game in 2008 and I had a blast with it. So naturally, I bought it.

  • I only ever got this game after playing Call of Duty 4, actually. Call of Duty 4 was the game that introduced me to the franchise, but Call of Duty 3 was the

  • This was the game that introduced me to the Call of Duty franchise, and therefore it is more than deserving of a place in my 360 game collection.

  • WWII CoD4? Want! And Zombies? Sold. The exact thought process that ran through my head.

  • I knew nothing about this game before I bought it. But it was a hidden gem so it was deifnitely worth getting.

  • Ugh. I can't believe I paid £25 for this game. It's rare where I live though, so it's not all bad. I only bought it for the achievements, but it's so boring I can't be bothered getting them.

  • Did it for the Gamerscore.

  • This was one of the first games I ever owned for my 360. I got it for £15, and I had no idea what it was like. But the fact that I played it for over 100 hours is testament to the quality of the game.

  • I enjoyed this game when I played it at my friends house. So I bought myself a copy of it. It's a linear RPG but it's a fun one.

  • The only reason I really bought this was because it was £15, and it was a semi-limited edition. It came in a steel case, and that was enough to make me pick it up. Boring game, but a nice case that looks good in my collection.

  • I got this game free with my Xbox 360, along with Viva Pinata. This was the game that convinced me to buy a 360, rather than a PS3.

  • I paid £50 for the Limited Edition version of this game. Forza 2 was one of my favorite early games, so naturally, the next iteration was something I had to own. And not just own: I had to own the best version.

  • I played it at a friends house. So I saw a copy sitting for £10, and I thought "Eh. Why not then?". And that's how I got this game.

  • An upgraded version of Gears of War interested me. Horde made me want this game. Just a shame the online wasn't great.

  • I owned this game for PS2, and I remembered hearing that it had a ton of extra features on the Xbox 360 version. So I bought it for my 360. And found it was just as 'meh' as it was on the PS2. Meh, but with more features you won't enjoy.

  • Speaking as a MASSIVE GTA fan, I knew I was sold on this game as soon as details about it came out. I got this game on release day. Probably the best free roaming game on the Xbox 360.

  • I'm not sure how I got this game. I remember renting it... I'm assuming I bought it after renting it.

  • Bought it because it was £10 and the achievements were meant to be good. I remember owning this game for PS2. It was better in my mind.

  • Hitman Blood Money was one of the first games I had gotten for my Xbox 360. I had originally played this game on the Playstation 2.

  • I saw this game for sale, even before I owned my 360. But I only ever saw the one copy. So I researched it a little and found that it was a little known Japanese 'caRPG', so I figured it might be worth a shot. Even if it wasn't a great game, it was pretty rare.

  • I owned this game for the Playstation 2, so I got it for my 360 as well. Granted it's dated now, but it was like Grand Theft Auto on a massive scale. Can't fault that... much.

  • I read about this game in a magazine before it was launched, and I remember thinking "I want that". An RPG... with guns? Sounds good so far. Space? Awesome! Great storyline and graphics? Sold. And that's how I got Mass Effect, along with the guide for it too.

  • I couldn't say no to a game for £5, could I? And this is probably one of the best ways I've spent £5, actually.

  • This might be the oldest game I have for my 360. My grandmother bought it for me, so that was pretty awesome. Definitely going to hold onto this one.

  • Achievement game. Nothing else about this excuse appealed.

  • I got the demo free on my Xbox 360, and it was a fun arcade racer. I got this game for £7, and I'm glad I did. The graphics are still impressive, even today.

  • Third person game with entirely destructible environments? If this doesn't appeal to you, there's something wrong. The destruction brought me to this game, and the story made me enjoy it.

  • This was the second game I ever bought for my 360. I read previews of it many years before I had my 360 and forgot the name of the actual game. By pure luck I actually bought it.

  • I loved the first Saints Row. I put a ridiculous amount of playtime into it, so when the second one was released I had to get it. Shame that my 360 RRoD'd after that and I sold it. But I bought another copy of it.

  • What's not to love about an MMO with cars? Alright, the handling model was weird, but the game itself had an awesome premise.

  • I got a second copy of Crackdown for £6, and I swapped my friend for this game. I couldn't find a copy of it, and my friend wanted Crackdown. So I bought a second copy of it and gave him it, so I could get this: a slow paced, difficult, yet enjoyable FPS game.

  • Got it free with my 360, along with Forza Motorsport 2