Why DLCs/Episodic content don't work

Today I was playing GTA4: Lost and Damned, and I just finished it.
I really, really liked it, except that it was kind of short. I can say the same about Half Life 2: Ep.1, and Ep.2.
Anyways, here is the original set of what DLC and Episodic content should be like:
A) Cheap prices -- hey i am not complaining, it is cheaper, sometimes even free
B) Shorter games -- yeah, thats true.
C) Easier to develop/ shorter development cycle --eh?

So it is true that it took a shorter while to develop the Half Life 2 episodes then half life 2 itself. But it still took quite a while. As for lost and damned, it also tooka  while to release and develop. Anyways, I don't see the shorter development cycle play that much of an effect here, like id rather play a more finished game then a couple of hours of an episode.

I just don' think that there is a shorter development cycle in this,
what do you guys think?

I mean they got A, and B right, but C is off the beaten track.


How do you play Fallout3?

This is probably my problem since I never played an RPG before. But the gunplay in fallout 3 is punishing, for a game that looks like an average shooter. its pretty much like dice rolling. VATS seems like it works, but I don't really like using it, its pretty annoying. I got to the part of the garden of eden. and then I stopped, I am probably gonna play some more, but i find it punishing that there is pretty much no place for skill.
==I mean when I tracked to fallout 2 I didn't have this problem, because it didn't appear like a shooter while this one totally does.
Am i doing something wrong?
how do you play fallout3?


zero punctuation -- professional trolling?

Lately there has been a lot of strange things going on with Yahtzee's zero punctuation series.
It seems that rather then actually saying what he thought about the game, he just tries to bring
its bad points out to the point were its not really review anymore but rather: I will now diss the shit out
of this game.
Did anyone else notice this or is it just me?


PC Gaming (not dying)

After buying a brand new PC with good specs, I was rather disappointed by all the "PC" games, and the overstuff PC Gaming Community, a bunch of nerds who consider themselves better then console gamers because of the fact that they appreciate old games. What is undeniable in there claim is that an oldest an xbox gamer will play is Gears of War, nothing older, while PC gamers still play half life and shit. But maybe its because the PC is quite in new releases front, and only gets a handful of games when console gamers are dying with them.
That by no means shows that I am for the "pc is dying" theory, simply put, its not, the PC is doing fine with the most technically advanced graphics and what not in the industry. Look at valve, for example, when someone says PC is dying to them, they just laugh, all theyre stuff is coming out for PC, including extra content that is only avialable for the PC version. Team Fortress 2 is dead on consoles, (at least on the 360), but on the PC, there is loads of players.
There are a bunch of games that are best on PC, and those include: Far Cry 2, TF2, Fallout 3, and a bunch of other games.
The PC is by no means dying.
Oh, and here are the specs
Dual  Core E8400 @ 3.16ghz
nVidia 790i MotherBoard
geForce 9600 (2 of em) each @ 512mb
64bit vista...
yeah, thats about it. I'll stick around the PC for a while now I guess


Thoughts on Skate. and other stuff.

Thoughts on Skate.

I decided to play Skate. again on my xbox 360, since I recently finished GTA4, and didn't feel like buying a new game. Skate. is still a good game, I mean, the graphics are fine, there are some framerate issues, but the graphics are not bad at all. Yes, there are issues with the missions (particular the pro challenge ones). But the game is just a generally fun game, and I dont know why it was overlooked so much, it is wayy better then games like Tony Hawk. I mean lets take a senario (iv'e preplanned one).

Landing a 5-0FS - FS Tail

  • In Tony Hawk, you would look in the manual, see how to do it, do the two button combo's, do it, and froget it.
  • In skate. its a lot harder.... you actually need some skill to pull it off, and it doesn't really require to memorize any buttons, but detecting the right time to make a switch.
Also, Tony Hawk doesn't really feel as if your skating, as a skater, I have to say that they both don't feel like skating. There is nothing you can do about it, in order to feel like skating, go out and skate. But Skate. shows a slight resemlence of actually skating, even though Rob Dyrdek totally overhyped that.
Eminems new album is coming out in december.. I wonder...


I think they would re vamp steam, and steam would finally be a program I want to use.


I would like to see pretty much usual stuff

For example, i think that xbox live gamercards and psn cards wii codes and xfire or something is essential. Put it on the profile or something.also a bit more customization with the profiles would be nice, something like a banner... or maybe your own side bar. but other then that the site is excellent.


Pending... in the meantime.

Hey guys,
Its been a very awesome few days here at Giantbomb... Users have seen that nice yellowish Pending sign next to their submissions forever now, I included...
So heres how I'll sum up my time here at the Giant Bomb.


Well right now as the guys said on the podcast its the wild wild west, no one knows whats going on, and its moving way too quickly for anyone to ever track it. Expect of course the image thread, thats there forever. But even the staff expressed with displeasure the way the forums are going, hopefully once we get mods everything will move fine, and it all will be okay.

Wiki (The Pending Machine)

So well, lets see... right now I have: 18 Pending Submissions, 13 accepted submissions, and 2 rejected submissions.
I think that pretty much sums up half the users on this website.

Games I have been playing

Recently I decided to play some COD4 on PC, mainly the good Team Deathmatch I remember, and that game is still alive and kicking, its even doing well... tons of users playing the PC version at least. I watched some Fallout 3 footage, its annoying that they show the same build over and over again, its like thats the whole game, when there is obviously more to it. I picked up some Bioshock, i have a review of it somewhere on this profile...
well this killed about
emm  7 minutes.. cool

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