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this game is great. 0

Half Life 2 Episode 1 does not add much to Half Life 2. Instead of adding new weapons or enemies, it decides to master what was seen in Half Life 2. It simply brought HL2 into a bigger and greater universe. Although most battles are in slim corridors, there are some grander battles. The zombie level in HL2: i think it was called we don't go through ravenholm, has been recycled but was so much funner this time around. In short, Half Life 2 Episode 1 is basically Half Life 2 but improved on dramat...

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One of the best multiplayer experiences. Ever. 0

BackgroundTeam Fortress 2 is a class based multiplayer shooter developed by Valve for quite some time now. Over the development, Team Fortress 2 has switched a bunch of different styles, and ended up with a comical looking game, that satires on the whole FPS genre.The GoodThe game heavily relies on team work. It has wave respawns which encourage the team to work together to achieve a goal. This is good because even if the team does not work cooperatively, they are still spawning together. The ni...

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Not the burnout I remember 2

Back in the day when Burnout existed on PS2, it was one of the best games out there. Crashes seemed fairly decent, and the races were generally fun. Burnout Paradise tries to mix up that formula and does so somewhat successfully. First of all it is an Open-World burnout game, which the gaming market is generally moving up to anyways, but it added a few new interesting concepts. At the beginning I enjoyed Paradise, the races were fun and the no retry demo wasn't bad, it was okay. After a while I ...

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Bioshock is Essentially SS2 1

After buying this game in a discount, I was very pleased with the graphical performance and the overall feel of bioshock. After a few hours, I realized that bioshock is essentially system shock 2. Cross out all the names, everything that was electro powered then, is steam powered now. Also, SS2 difficulty was somewhere between difficult to impossible. 2k realizing this decided that it would be better to tweak the difficulty, decided it would be appropriate to add all the things you need, remove ...

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