Achievements and me

When I first got my 360 a couple of years ago I was a complete and utter perfectionist. All I cared about was getting a great gamerscore to games ratio. Something I obtained with my first account - Robot Vampir3. However, as time went on I grew away from the whole idea and didn't like them at all. I created numerous new accounts until I finally settled on my current one, HDizzle Grizzle. I was never bothered about my gamerscore again up until the other day when I was looking and saw that I have a rubbish ratio. Suddenly the urge I haven't felt for years came back, I wanted to play games a lot more again. Wanted to find the achievements, wanted to explore every nook and cranny and wanted to complete all the games I have played. Unfortunately for me, I no longer have a majority of those games, I think I have about 8 360 games now as I needed some money badly. It pains me to see my gamerscore so dreadful. However, I will hopefully be getting my christmas temp job at Gamestation back at the beginning of July where one of the perks is that I get to borrow £60 worth of games a week, giving me the chance to make up my gamerscore haha!
Do any of you guys still got purposely after achievements or have they just become another part of the game for you?


Going Back to Reviewing?

Hey people, I haven't reviewed a game in a long time. Not since the days of Jeff being at Gamespot where I was a big user of the site. However, after reading one of PAJ89's reviews (someone whose reviews I enjoy reading greatly) I think I may have found my inspiration to start reviewing again. I hope I do get back into it but it's just a question of finding a game that I will enjoy reviewing. I'm thinking Killer 7, a game I have hardly played, or some other game I know back to front such as one of the Pokemon games.  
Writing this blog was done for a couple of reasons. One to bring attention of I plan of doing. Two, to see how many people still review and see if they have tips for me (all help is welcome) and three, whether I should play through Killer 7 or is it not worth my time?


Interest in games declining?

My interest in games have started to decline and I don't know why. I think it may be because I have exams at the moment but I haven't really been into a game for  about a year. It's a shame, I miss the days where I could play a game for a day straight, up at 8 in bed at 4 AM only to repeat the same schedule. However, I'm more of the mainstream gamer, mainly buying games such as COD and Gears of War.  
What do you guys think? Has your interest in games declined slightly over the last few years?


One Game I Am Really Looking Forward to - Left 4 Dead

I recently downnloaded the demo of Left 4 Dead and it seems to me as though this could be my game of 2008. I have played through the first two levels of the game that the demo provides and these are the things I have noticed about the game.

The premise of the game is perfect and executed fairly successfully. You are one of a bunch of four survivours and your task is to survive against the hordes of undead. However, what differentiates this game from the rest is that the zombies are like 28 Days Later super zombies and will run at you instead of being the mindless, dumb zombies we have become accustomed to fighting with games such as Resident Evil. This makes the game much more action packed instead of a suspense ride although when a horde of zombies do attack it tends to make you jump.

Graphically, the game is pretty average. While it's not on par with Gears of War, the game seems to hold fairly well. However, when a horde does come to attack you, sometimes the game will suffer a slowdown but this rarely happens as the game is meant for loads of zombies on screen at once.

I think it's safe to say that this game is one of the best games I have played this year.