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Games I have Platinum Trophies for.

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  • I love this game, so when they announced that the upcoming trophy support would be retroactive, I dilligently set about setting time and crash records on every road in the game. Just before I reached the last license, however, I found out that they had discovered that retroactive support wasn't a possibility. I took a deep breath, hit the "Delete" button, and did it all again.

    And you know what? I had just as much fun doing it the second time around. Burnout is available with all the DLC included for silly money on PSN now, and I honestly don't think there's a better value gaming deal available right now than that. I may even go and play it some more in a bit.

  • Not strictly a Platinum, but it is 100%. This "game" will amuse you, confuse you and delight you for 3 or 4 hours at a minimum, and all for a beefburger price.

  • Similarly to Burnout, I started this game pre-trophy support. However, knowing it was coming I stuck to the main story quest first time through. Once the patch came out, I started up a new game as Lady Vault Dweller, and absorbed myself in the world.

    Whether hunting down the Super Mutant Behemoths, scouring the wasteland for that last bobblehead, discovering the lush beauty of Oasis and the psychedelic secrets that lie beneath, attempting to make a daring sneak around a Yao Guai in the early game or frantically hurling frag mines at an onrushing Deathclaw in the latter stages, I adored the world of Fallout 3, and spent the best part of my Easter holiday last year on the Platinum.

  • Ah, shards...

    I really enjoyed inFamous, and although the characters weren't necessarily the most convincing in a game world, traversing the city and trashing things was a lot of fun. Finding the shards, not so much. Cue a handy internet map, several editions of the Giant Bombcast, and me looking for several hours for that last one - which was in the upper echelons of the prison and therefore didn't register on the in-game scan. The joy when I found it was unbridled.

    Having said that, the way you get around in that game kept that search more bearable than it could have been. I played evil first, then good on hard (helpful as you can heal and regain electricity while fighting). Then went back to evil to finish collecting.

  • Alright, I don't have the platinum for this.

    But I do have "Key to the City" 100% trophy. And I killed every pigeon, and hit every stunt jump. But I haven't got any online trophies, despite a couple of brief forays into Liberty City online. So this one's an honourable mention.

  • Having bought all the Smackdown games up to 2007, but not the last two, the Quick Look of this was enough to convince me that I needed to work on that "everybody gets run over" storyline. Fairly easy to Platinum if you have a little bit of time on your hands, and I have enjoyed my time with the game. It still plays alright, even if it's a little behind the times.

  • There was no way I wasn't going to get the Platinum for this... I adore Ratchet & Clank and ensure to 100% every edition in the series, so this one was no different. It's a fantastic game, and I highly recommend it to all platformer lovers. Platinum was done in two playthroughs (one on Hard and then again on the Challenge mode - on Hard again 'cause I love it so much). Then some time spent on Skill Points and Gold Bolts.

    The trophy which took the longest was the arcade game, although once I realised what I thought was my gun overheating was actually a mega-laser readying the process sped up considerably.

  • I don't need to talk about Uncharted. Go play Uncharted. Both of them.

    I actually wasn't quite as stunned by this as I thought I would be, I think because I loved the first game so much and it meant I wasn't really surprised by how good it was. It is definitely a lot more polished however.

    Trophies are pretty easy, GamesRadar did a good trophy hunter guide if you can't find those, as did WikiCheats. As for Crushing difficulty, it's bearable, and there's always the option to chuck on Slo-mo or Infinite Ammo if you're really that stuck somewhere. Only gripe was having to complete that final "boss fight" 3 times, because I didn't enjoy that bit at all. Otherwise, game is amazing.

    I did like the two online trophies, as it made a friend and I play Co-op together, and a game against each other, and I was surprised with how much fun that game is online. Perhaps someday I'll jump back in there and play some more.

  • Didn't want to put all five in seperately, but I've got 100% on all of these. Loved playing through this, it's fantastic fun, a real challenge at times, and incredibly funny throughout.

  • I loved revisiting the original game which spawned such a fantastic series. Pretty much as above, this game is hilarious throughout, but gets pretty darn head-scratching at times. Great fun.

  • I actually got about 3 hours into this game and then stopped. Well, StarCraft II came out, a game I wasn't even thinking of going near until it came out. But I recently returned to the Animus, and I genuinely loved every minute. And even getting the feathers didn't feel like a chore this time around.

  • God damn I love this game. I love this game so much. It's so good. I've almost had the Platinum for ages, the only thing I needed was to jump online and get the "... And they'll tell two friends" trophy. Yup, I loved Borderlands that much and I didn't even get into the online (which is supposed to be the best bit). That said, I have spent most of my time on Pandora in splitscreen with a friend, but I would (and do) quite happily play that game on my own. It's so good, I would recommend it more than any other game. If partly just so I had more people I know to play with.