GOTY 2012

Well, here we are again. I look forward to GiantBomb's game of the year stuff more than I should: I listened to all five deliberation bombcasts from last year recently, and the mature viewpoints, counterbalanced by the raw humour always make valuable listening. The guys really lend a weight to videogames as a medium, leaving no stone unturned in their critique, but also embrace a wild and joyous celebration of videogames that is hard to find these days. If there is such a thing as restrained abandon, the bombcast has it.

This is my list for 2012, and as in previous years, it's PS3-heavy, because that's my console of choice and my PC is very old now and I can't afford to replace it - Civ 5 was the first game that made CanYouRunIt? say 'Dude, you are crazy thinking this will run here.' Maybe next year. I've nothing against the 360 personally, I just don't like the idea of paying for online in this day and age, and I've also been something of a PS loyalist over the years.

List items