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The NERV Project - And the Idiots behind it.

Today, Belonpopo and I, have begun a long and tedious project that will take place in my private server over the course of the next month.
We have begun building NERV headquarters from Neon Genesis Evangelion.
We have barely scratched the surface of what will be an enormous layout, and have the basic shape of what will become the MAGI room.

  • The room will become a 45,000+ block room after all the mining.
I will be updating this blog daily, with new pictures and any funny stories that we have while we build this.
Future Rooms may include:
  • Room housing Adam
  • EVA garage
  • Small apartment complex (replica of Shinji's or Rei's rooms)
PLEASE NOTE: We plan on building this BY OURSELVES. Do NOT ask if you can have the IP of my server, for I will not reveal it until we are completely finished for those who wish to view the finished creation 
ALSO NOTE: This is being done completely by hand, no programs other than Minecraft itself is being used.  


 Current Progress
 Current Progress
 What it will be
 What it will be