Game Informer Publishes Gentails...?

Is this what i think it is, because we are either looking at a photoshoped image or a piece of debris that went on a very unfortunate trip, I'll let the image do the talking:

The explosion...on the left...
The explosion...on the left...

Can't see it yet? How about i magnify it for ya:

Oh shi....
Oh shi....

What do you think that thing is?

Fine Art At Its Best

Take a look at these amazing Works of Art:

Vincent van Gogh
Vincent van Gogh

Rene Magritte
Rene Magritte
Inspired by C.M. Coolidge’s “Dogs Playing Poker”
Inspired by C.M. Coolidge’s “Dogs Playing Poker”

You can view more of these awesome pictures, here.

Killzone 2 Initial Impressions

Last night I posted a Blog about me playing Killzone 2 and as expected almost no one believed what I was saying for the simple reason of the game not being released yet.

If you wish to believe me then I thank you for that, but if you don’t, then I frankly don’t give a damn, I know what I’m talking about and I know what I played.

With that out of the way, I am going to give you my impressions of what I played so far, I will try to go in detail as much as I can, but forgive me if I forget anything.

The game starts off with you, Tomas Sevchenko, stepping out of bed and slowly moving towards your sink to take a look at yourself in the mirror, after that, Sgt. Rico Velasquez tells you to follow him or something (I can’t remember), at that point, you get out of the room and he starts talking to you while pointing at the scene outside of the battleship window which looks quite stunning.

While you’re following the Sgt, you will be shown one of basic controls, pressing L3 makes you run for example. Your next Objective is to meet with Col. Jan Templar which happens to be in the room to the left, it looks like a command center of some sort, he then starts talking about “bringing the fight to the Helghast” and from here on now, a cutscene is played, you and the rest of Team Alpha jump on a flying craft that is being used for transportation.

Just before that cutscene ends, the demo -that you have probably played- starts, and I guess you all already know how this goes, blow up the bridge, secure the beach, go inside the warehouse, bang some Helghast heads and move on to the door, it happens to be locked, cover Garza while he is hacking the control box and that’s it you have finished the Demo.

Now, let’s take a minute at that last part for a bit, in the full game, it looks like there is a trophy in this area, just before you leave, there should be an explosive barrel right under the ledge, blow it up and you got yourself a trophy.

Moving on outside the locked door, you’re faced with a couple of Helghast soldiers, pretty easy since there are only two of them .After that is done, the control room is on the right, one soldier in it, knifed, then you’re faced with the simple act of turning a valve using the SIXAXIS motion controls.

Sounds easy? Indeed it is, after finishing that you will be ordered with a new objective, get out of the room, and what do you know, even more soldiers to kill, they are smart enough to take cover but so are you. Once you dispose of them continue to the left and walk the corridor until you reach a stash of weapons and Ammo for your Rifle. I happened to change my weapon here and throughout the game I have noticed something quite different than the demo when it comes to reloading the StA52 Assault Rifle, Sev actually holds the Rifle with his right hand while opening the Ammo cabinet and unloading the empty clip then he transfers the Rifle to his left hand and reloads a new clip.

That’s one of the things I noticed, the other is probably wrong because I’m not sure about it but anyhow, R3 is supposedly the Close Combat button, in my case, its L1, I remember using R3 for scoping not for hitting the enemy to the ground.

My time with the full game was coming to a close, so I had to finish fast, I took the Rifle I spoke of a while go and blazed my way through the Helghast soldiers, but to my surprise, this wasn’t a good strategy at all, taking cover was essential for me, especially when I was facing enemies with Rocket Launchers, they are easy to dodge but, their damage is fatal.

With that objective out of the way, I continued to the next area until we meet with our hovering friends, who were heading north until they got hit by a rocket from a near building full of those Nazi-Brits. A new Objective received, which is clearing out the building using a mounted machine gun (L2 can be used for cover), floor by floor you kill them while they hide behind the shadows of the building rooms, when you’re done, a gate opens, but sadly, I had to leave the controller and head back home to keep thinking of every moment of this realistically driven shooter, hoping for more until the next day of work finally comes.


The Trailer has finally arrived!

As some of you might already know, I'm taking this course called "Game Design" in University and as part of my final project I was supposed to make a trailer for a game I created, the game is called: Conflict to Heaven.

Weird Name huh? Well, this is basically an initial name, I tried to think of something else but the atmosphere I created for the game is very close to having a "Conflict" and a part were you will rise with power and that power will eventually become your own "Heaven".

Conflict to Heaven can be described as an Open-World First Person Shooter with RTS Elements.

You take the role of Alex, a man suffering from amnesia (Loss of memory), trying to find himself and unfolding the mysteries surrounding his father, it’s up to you to curve your own path with 4 different classes, and they are:
1- An Assassin.
2- A Ruthless Killer.
3- A Lone Wolf.
4- A Peace Keeper.

Now without further ado ,here it is:


"WTF was that shit, that’s a fake trailer”
“Fallout 3 and COD 4 images? This is soooo fake” 

Before you start jumping to that conclusion this trailer was made to give you a concept of what to expect, I honestly don’t have any raw footage of the game, it’s all written on paper so I had to use videos from game likes AC and Gears 2, sorry if I disappointed some of you but i hope you guys have enjoyed it :).


The thing with exams... that they are tough!

I'm taking this course called Fine Arts 2, one of the most basic questions in the universe was present in the exams paper, the question was:

"What does CMYK stand for?"


Shame on you ZeroCast, not knowing something you have already taken and read about before!

But what the hell, at least I answered what RGB stands for; i would have killed myself if I hadn’t answered that.

Also, here is something I did on Photoshop (in like half an hour), it’s actually a book cover, tell me whatcha you think.

Oh look it's the Hulk!
Oh look it's the Hulk!
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