GOTY 2012

This year I mostly ended up playing games that came out last year, but I did find my way around to playing some 2012 games. The list is a bit funky, because I give Journey some praise exceeding its placement. Thats more about me recognizing what it is, and still placing it within what I really liked from this year.


Saints Row The Third might be one of my favorite games of all time, I dearly wish I had gotten to it sooner, as I'm STILL playing around in it.

RAGE. I love the feel, aesthetic, and scope of this game. I feel it was unfairly judged due to just looking like a pretty Fallout. It also had a dumb ending, but I still really loved it.

Skyrim. I kind of came around on this after finally sitting down and dictating where I would and would not go. Wandering did me no good.

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