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Game. Of. The. Year. 2016

For once, I've waited until all of the year is up to finish my game of the year list. Surprisingly, this year's list does not include nearly as many games not from that year! So here we go!

List items

  • Help, I've fallen in and can't get out award.

    I have a problem. I still haven't made it to Novigrad in the main story... This game is my God Eater 2! I wish I could take a week and do nothing but play it.

  • Best character design, but fuck Genji award.

    I probably wouldn't have thought a shooter would grab me as hard and fast as Overwatch did. Once my group of friends all got the game and played together every night, it was clear that we'd play it more than any other multiplayer game this year. It's beat out Battlefield and Titanfall 2 for our No. 1 multiplayer pick.

  • So much to do, so little time award.

    I started Stardew Valley wanting what it promised. I got that, and it quickly spiraled into a management sim, where there is too much to do, but not enough time to do it. I've since dropped off it, but now that the new content has been out a little, it's time for me to start anew with what I've learned.

  • Hey there Delilah award.

    Now that we know what Firewatch is, I'm glad to say that it's good. The character interactions between Henry and Delilah are some of the best voice acting in games to date. Their performances make the game real in a way that I can relate to them. I've ordered my photos from the disposable camera, but I haven't opened them in hopes that my memory is better than my actual experience.

  • Best science? award.

    I love Astroneer. I cannot wait for more updates. I was all gung-ho on Starbound in early access, but once it released, I forgot. I bet not with this one. Astroneer is so beautiful, easy to grasp, and there is a surprising gameplay loop of explore, build, explore, research, build better. Why are there so many great games that distract me from The Witcher?

  • I've spent more time watching than playing award.

    I have not played Hitman. I own it, but haven't even installed it. But, as every GB user knows, Hitman was a huge source of entertainment this year with Brad and Dan's videos of each episode and Elusive Target. I can't say I've been driven to buy a game based solely on seeing video of it, but here we are. I'll eventually play it through, once I'm done with The Witcher...

  • Best Sean Bean award.

    The second 'one more turn' game on my list this year! I like Civ, but I fell off at Civ 2. Civ 5 surprisingly did not bring me back as I had hoped it would. Civ 6 somehow did it. I've never been any good at Civ games, but 6 still made losing fun. Now excuse me, it's my turn.

  • Best leave me alone I'm playing a game award.

    Pokemon Sun is an easy game. Yes in terms of difficulty, but also in a lot of quality of life areas that other Pokemon games have missed. The move type tracking for each pokemon is an amazing change that removed the requirement to remember type effectiveness, a dedicated pokeball button (!), and more are essential now. The game's setting in fake Hawaii finally hits home to me, as I spent many years there as a child, and it was very reminiscent of a simpler time for me. This holiday has been nothing but escaping the family to play some, and I'm looking forward to completing my Alola pokedex.

  • Most style award.

    I liked the original Watch Dogs. I'm in the minority I know. But thankfully Ubisoft pulled an Assassin's Creed 2 on us with Watch Dogs 2. The game's depiction of San Francisco is even better than it's view of Chicago. It definitely has more variety in the landscape, mission design, and tone than the original. Ubisoft, DON'T pull an Assassin's Creed 3 with my Watch Dogs.

  • Best looking game award.

    But Uncharted 4 struck a chord with me. The story about Nate wanting what he had in his past is something that I also struggle with.