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GOTY 2012

It's time for Game of the Year! There are some obvious choices for me in here, such as The Walking Dead and XCOM: Enemy Unknown. But most of my gaming this year has been spend with games that weren't released this year, but nonetheless, are some of my favorites.

I'm usually not the one to give honorable mentions for something like this, but having participated in Extra-Life this year really changed that. During my 24 hours I played Power Rangers games, and I sincerely loved the entire collection at my disposal. It may just be my nostalgia for the show, but I even finished up the more recent entries in the franchise.

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  • The Walking Dead is one of my favorite franchises, and seeing the team at Telltale couldn't have done anything better. Take a fiction, create a set of characters completely independent of the comics, and deliver the best storytelling I've ever seen in any medium. Yeah, people say they've shed tears at the end. I did too. Once while playing it alone, and again watching my girlfriend. I believe everyone that has the opportunity to play this is insane not to.

  • I only recently started playing XCOM: Enemy Unknown. It's a pretty faithful remaining of the franchise, while also making it way more accessible to newer players. I played way too much XCOM: UFO Defense and Terror from the Deep than I probably should have as a kid, but goddamn Enemy Unknown is good. It's punishing at times, and I love it. I'll be playing it for a long time, well into 2013.

  • When Minecraft released on XBLA in May, I was ecstatic to get back into it. I fell out of the loop with the original version and it served a very specific purpose for me, accessible multiplayer. It was fun then, and still is now. Especially with the even more recent inclusion of strongholds, hunger, sprinting, and the like. I've been playing Minecraft since it was in alpha, and I can guarantee I'll still be playing it next year.

  • I finally picked this up around May. I love the Tales series. But having a void in my schedule that needed desperate filling (unemployment) a lengthy, mechanically sound JRPG was the catalyst. After about 50 hours with Yuri and Estelle, I wanted more. Too bad I still need to grind the hell out of it to progress.

  • As soon as Journey released, I did only 2 things: play Journey, and play Journey again. This was an experience, and at times, I forgot about the controller. It looked great and sounded better (so much so that I usually work to the soundtrack). thatgamecompany nailed the 'multiplayer.' Many people had a profound experience when connected to Playstation Network, and I was among them.

  • This year was a tough year and I was dealing with a few personal issues. So I dug out my copy of Super Metroid and went to town. Playing my old games brings me back to my childhood and allows me to really think about things.

  • I don't know why, how, or when it happened, but SOMEHOW I got sucked into playing Battlefield 3. A lot. But it's great, I always had someone on my friend list playing, and that's where the game shines. Rolling through an area or taking a control point with a squad full of friends in a party, constantly spawning on each other is a great experience.

  • There was a point in early this year where I was still hooked on Skyrim, despite all the problems with my PS3 version. Sure the game had locked up and corrupted many a save, and a few Dualshocks were thrown in the ensuing frustration, but I'll be damned if I didn't put in hundreds of hours again in 2013 when I get some goddamn DLC...

  • This was the year I signed up for Playstation Plus, but only because they had just added that substantial list of games. I had played the demo way back when it was released, but never thought about it again. Until I played it to 100% completion.

  • Even though Borderlands 2 didn't sink in like the original, I'm still in it. I haven't picked up any DLC yet, but that's just a matter of time. The balance changes are welcome, Tiny Tina made me laugh, and the game was sound.