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    Watch Dogs 2

    Game » consists of 19 releases. Released Nov 15, 2016

    The sequel to Watch Dogs moves to San Francisco with a new protagonist.

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    Watch Dogs 2 is the sequel to the 2014 game Watch Dogs. Watch Dogs 2 is once again developed by Ubisoft Montreal with direction from both Jonathan Morin and Danny Bélanger.

    This sequel is set in San Francisco with a new protagonist named Marcus Holloway.

    It was released on November 15, 2016 to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and to PC on November 29, 2016.


    Set about 2 years after the events of the first Watch Dogs, Blume has managed to recover from the massive flaws that allowed several hackers to take advantage of their ctOS system and temporarily shut down Chicago, releasing their updated ctOS 2.0 into major cities across the globe, including San Francisco and the surrounding area. However, the hacktivist group DedSec continues their underground war against both ctOS and Blume, trying to free the public from the Panopticon-like system that creates "data shadows" of everyone who uses any networked device and can be used for everything from advertising to political manipulation.

    One such hacker, Marcus "Retr0" Holloway, is DedSec's newest recruit, having caught their eye after exposing a system of security cameras in Oakland recording people's private actions without their consent. After planting a backdoor in Blume's servers that hides his identity from ctOS, Marcus joins DedSec in their goal to get as many people as possible to download their app that will allow them to launch a massive parallel attack against ctOS.


    Marcus has similar abilities as those that Aiden had in the first game, and some new ones:

    • By default, Marcus can turn any electrical box or panel into a trap that triggers when an enemy comes into range, shocking them into unconsciousness.
    • Marcus can download an upgrade on his phone that allows him to call the police or local gang members on a targeted individual.
    • Though there are no gun stores, Marcus can construct weapons using the 3D Printer in a Hackerspace, either creating brand new weapons (for a fee) or copies of guns that he picks up from fallen enemies.
    • The 3D printer can also be used to build a Jumper (a small RC car that can jump and interact with some physical objects), or a Quadcopter (flying drone that can recon and hack into some devices from afar).
    • Clothing stores and vending machines allow players to customize Marcus' look, with many more options available than the single outfits Aiden could acquire.
    • Some missions can be undertaken with a co-op partner who can drop in and drop out of the player's game at will (enabled by default).

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