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To each and every one of you reading this; be kind, earnest, and nice to those around you.

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A Beautiful but Hectic Mess 3

  Ambiance isn’t something that comes to mind when you think about video games. No, when you think about video games you think about being aurally and visually stimulated. You think of competition and accomplishing objectives that the game has you partaking in so is that you feel compelled to continue playing the game. However every now and then a game comes out that pushes these expectations to the side and just wants you to relax. These ambient games include recent releases like flOw...

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Ride a Spaceship to Adventure 1

Spore Galactic Adventures has a lot riding against it from the get-go, but then again the original Spore had a lot riding against it as well. While Spore allowed players to create a species, and control that species from being a microorganism to a space empire with a vast amount of creative freedom; the game had its share of problems that were inevitable due to its design. In being an “everything” simulator Spore made the inevitable compromise in that no one element or “stage” had any real depth...

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Fall Into A World of Madness 13

Three is Company Many games claim to be cinematic or claim to have a movie like quality to them. However very few games come as close to being a movie as Dreamfall: The Longest Journey. While it does not resemble a movie completely, it certainly feels like watching a movie while being in control of the play button. Odd, I know; it certainly is a unique experience. One could compare it to Indigo Prophecy, but experiencing Dreamfall is more like being the viewer, while Indigo Prophecy hands more ...

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