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@faridmon said:

Well get ready to hit the most annoying fucking dungeons in the game. God how i hated The Great Crystal dungeon. Fuck that shit.

I am at the point where I hit the limit on how to grind beyond Lv 60, the game right now falls flat, I want to do some higher level hunts but man, I have feeling they will be a pain.

and yes, I hate how they gated item findings behind chance of spawn. You will miss a important accessory in Fey Woods if you aren't actively looking for it, and read walkthroughs.

This comment embodies my gameplay experience with Final Fantasy XII perfectly. There's just a point where if you want to get any further progress with the jobs and side quests you have to stop everything and grind for hours upon end, and I'm just not enthused enough with the overall game to where that feels worthwhile. Especially when whole abilities and items are gated behind hour long side quests which necessitate hours of extra planning beyond what you normally deal with in the game. Again, I'm glad to see someone else felt the same way because I was starting to think I was the only person.

And the Great Crystal level hurt my feelings. It's a beautiful level and I don't hate the conceit/gimmick of the level nearly as much as some of the BS in the Pharos Lighthouse. That said, it's the clearest example I can think of where I said to myself "I don't know where I am and this is taking forever. so I guess I'll use a guide."

A lot of people would say Nier: Automata has a 10-20 hours at the "beginning" that starts off interesting, but then becomes kind of a drag after the first few hours. After "beating" the game, it asks you replay most of what you just got done playing, but then it follows up with almost constant great story moments for the next 10 hours. "Beating" the game a second time to get to the really good stuff was a huge, often insurmountable, barrier to a lot of people.

Nier: Automata is a good example of this problem, albeit, I'm not the biggest example of Nier: Automata in general. In a lot of ways, I think Nier: Automata is more disrespectful of your time than Final Fantasy XII. The fact the game plays like straight garbage in parts AND you repeat the same scenes and sequences three or four times just adds to the game's overall blurring effect.

And if you played OG Nier, Automata's "plot twist" ending lack a lot of its impact because it's just another rendition fo what all of the supporting media for Nier has been doing its inception.

Looks like we got someone here that doesn't know their estersands from their westersands. Ha!

To answer your question, while i don't recall any games that put me in your specific situation, Metal Gear Solid 2 was the game that immediatly came to mind. On it's first playthrough i had a ton of fun. The ending & it's implications were too much for my teenage brain but still greatly entertaining. Nowadays however, I think back on the actual gameplay of the 2nd game and remember how you're just making rounds across these very samey struts to activate nodes, find the right items & hunt for bombs for a good chunk of the game. MGS1 had it's fair share of backtracking too, but the level design & changing settings still made it feel like you were always pushing forwards. Past the tanks, past the snowfield, past the caves, past the furnaces. Contrast that with the singular environment of Big Shell, which made MGS2 feel tedious & samey to me. Especially when the standout moment in that game is how the story wraps up. Once you have witnessed that, the reason for a replay is suddenly all about the gameplay. Given that i had a fantastic time with it on the first rodeo, it's still an easy recommendation to make.

Speak of the devil, I recently talked about MGS1 and MGS2 with @jeffrud and we bothe ended up re-reading Jeff's review for MGS1. I remember people flipping out when he gave that game the 8.5 socre it rightfully deserved. Yes, that game is a seminal work and it made Kojima the legend he is today, but that game really is more than the sum of its parts. When you stop and look at it, as well as MGS2 objectively, they really are these odd mishmashes of good and bad game design.

But in the end, when you play a Kojima game you often know what you sign up for, and when things are as weird and wacky as they get, who is one to judge?

I didn’t really come around on the first Trails in the Sky until its last few hours. Mechanically it was fine but only when it was finally allowed to move the characters’ relationships forward did it become good. And considering that made the sequel absolutely phenomenal, I am happy I stuck with it.

That's unimaginably cool. I hear nothing but good things about the game, and hey, maybe I'll finally take up your advice and play a Disgaea game for once. Personally, I own a copy of Trails in the Sky and it, along with Grandia II are games I intend to visit at some point, but their lengths really scare me. If I tried to cover either game, it would be a year-long process and I'm not about to commit to that, not especially when I'm finally starting to hone my short-form writing.

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@efesell said:

I was not aware of a great deal of hate towards Dr. Cid. Perhaps I filter out that manner of outrageously bad opinion.

Always respect a character who gnaws on the scenery like a man starved for weeks, especially with the voice actor sounds like he's having the time of his life doing it.

The way I see it, if Dr. Cid were a real person they would be caught between Stanley Tucci and Paul Giamatti. Even if you give him garbage, he'll chew through the scenery like his life depends on it and still manage to be the best part of any wretched scene you put him in. On a more literal note, Dr. Cid is everything I like about the trio of villains in Final Fantasy XII. He's honest about his intentions and enjoys the presence of those around him. At no point do you doubt he and Venat, and even Vayne for that matter, are not friends. That's downright magical.

@lajiaya said:

You'll probably never play it, but interestingly for a while FFXI's teleport systems were also just a list of names; this was good enough for 2000's-era SE. However, when A Realm Reborn was released, FFXI also got an update that year that added a bunch of teleport crystals which automatically pop up a map showing you where your selection will send you. Maybe would have been a nice idea for them to do something like that for FFXII's HD-release as well.

There are a lot of things Square-Enix could do for Final Fantasy XII's HD-release but they haven't. What really grinds my gears is they made a lot of changes I would have loved to have seen in the Steam/PC release that they included in th Switch/PS4/Xbox One releases. For one thing, they added a re-spec option for those releases and the fact they have yet to add that as a "patch" for the PC version blows my mind. It's just another example of Square both not understanding the appeal of PC gaming outside of MMOs.

Nonetheless, your point about FFXI is well taken. I know the servers for the 360 version are down, but I still think I have a copy of that version of the game. And let me tell you something, creating an account and installing FF11 on the 360 was an unmitigated nightmare back in the day.

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Meltzer is reporting that the NXT tv deal is $60 million a year for two years.

Alright, so here's an existential question about the state of NXT. Is the move to show it on live TV, and airing it opposite of AEW, a sign WWE done with it being a "developmental" brand?

Yeah, you could argue NXT having near complete indie wrestlers started ages ago, but this move seems like the final nail in the coffin of NXT being a developmental branch or a place for people just getting into the industry.

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@rorie said:

I really need to give this a try! I tried it once with my fiancee but that was more of a rules-spelunking affair rather than a whole playing affair. I have actually had it in the office for months now thinking we might be able to do something with it but we haven't found the right time for it.

The Bloodborne Card Game is something I both excitedly pull out and hesitate to use with new groups. On one hand, the game is quick and is easy to explain after a few campaigns. However, it's brutal and often I struggled to get some of my board game group to jump into the more treacherous elements of the game.

@csl316 said:

If someone decides to get this, I highly recommend the expansion. The base game was fun but felt incomplete. The expansion adds a ton of variety, adds new mechanics, and builds on the base game in the best possible ways. Like Starcraft: Brood War, if we're talking expansions.

I like the expansion but, it really does highlight how the game desperately needed more boss cards. Seven "normal" bosses and five final boss cards just isn't enough content especially when one of the game's main selling points is its procedural gameplay. And, as I mention in the blog, I refuse to play with Micolash and Rom the Spider. I find both to have the worst passive buffs in the game and they both change how you play for the worst.

@ares42 said:

I'm usually pretty immune to merchandising stuff like this, but hot damn this got me excited.

It's both cheap on Amazon and is worth the investment if you go in knowing what you are signing up for. If you love the game, I recommend buying the expansion.

I've actually played a decent amount of this game. It shares some sensibilities with the video game, mainly the act of "banking" your blood, which is a really clever risk/reward idea that mirrors the tension of the video game. But the multiplayer aspect is of course very different. And while it acts like a "cooperative" game in some ways (or at least tries to), it's really just a straight up competitive game. There's a single winner at the end.

Overall I like it quite a bit. It's a fairly simple game, and has a short playtime. It's based a lot around trying to predict the other players, which I find fun. There's a lot of strategies to use despite being simple, since you're adjusting to the other players' actions. I also like the banking mechanics as I mentioned. I think some of the rules are unclear (we had to house rule a couple things that weren't clear enough), and some upgrades are clearly way more powerful than others. But overall I've really enjoyed this card game!

As my review might suggest, I'm a bit more mixed. I heard a lot of people on BoardGameGeek saying Bloodborne has replaced Cutthroat Caverns or Robinson Crusoe in their collection, and I don't buy that for a minute. What really gets in my skin, other than the banking mechanism, are the exploding dice. I literally just had a play session where the first card in the Chalice Dungeon was a boss and they inflicted a total party kill on the opening move. Admittedly, we all had a laugh and played two successful runs thereafter, but I cannot help but feel that first session is a sign there's something wrong about Bloodborne.

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@wchigo said:

Wow, I had heard about a secret ending, but I never could have imagined that is how things turn out.

I loved watching Danny O'Dwyer's play through of the game and that motivated me to pick up the game on Steam and I think the Vita (might have it on PS4 as well through PS+?), but reading this blog now kinda makes me want to go and actually experience the madness on my own. Holy heck...

So, I ended up watching a majority of Danny's play-through and it does not appear he ever completed the Bad Boys Love Ending. I know he's busy working on noclip, but this is a wrong that should be righted as soon as possible.

Also, even if you have had a lot of the story spoiled to you by reading this blog, it is still worth playing. A lot of the base game does a great job at foreshadowing a deeper mystery.

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  • Mario Party 3 is a top five N64 game.
  • Final Fantasy VIII is better than Final Fantasy VII.
  • Baldur's Gate II does not get "good" until Throne of Bhaal.
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@fisk0 said:
@nutter said:


If a game isn’t enough to hold my attention without some other form of stimulus, I stop wasting my time with it.

I know I’m in the minority on this one, but if a game is a grind and the grind itself isn’t fun and/or engaging, I consider it poor as entertainment and I’ll find something more fun/productive/engaging to do.

Same. if a game isn't engaging enough to keep my attention, I play something else, or just stop playing to fully pay attention to a podcast or video or whatever instead.

But here me out here. What if I'm in the middle of a 4X, where there is literally NO STORY, and I have reached the point where I can command the soldiers and civilian populations at my disposal with a few quick button clicks or shortcuts? That's still riveting to me, but I also feel like I have an opportunity to engage in another non-gaming hobby. Also, with a game like Stellaris or World of Warcraft, both games I have played for over 500 hours, I'd much rather listen to a podcast that the OST the seven hundredth time in a row.

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Yay! I'm the Beastcast shirt guy (with the nice, t-shirt tailoring wife)!

Oh shoot! I only now saw this comment! Good job and thank you for sharing!