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So guess what everybody?  Burnout Paradise trophies are NOT retroactive!  After months of promising us that they would be.  I'm simply crushed and speechless.  I've put 150 hours into that game, plus another 20 hrs into Burnout Bikes.  And now I have to delete my entire save game and start all over if I want to get any trophies out of Paradise City.  I'm am not pleased.  I am less than happy.  I am devastated.  I am at a positive loss for words.

What makes it even worse is the fact that up to this point, the dudes at Criterion have been some of the most customer focused, awesome, on top of it dudes in the whole industry!  So when they made the claim that trophies would be retroactive, I believed them because they had more than delivered on every promise before.  Apparently, once they entered the testing phase of the trophy patch, they discovered that "this is not possible."  Couldn't they have done something to check this out before setting us up for heartbreak???

And so, dejected and upset, I will delete my save.  I have to do it.  I need to have trophies in one of my favorite games of all time.  The only thing that makes it possible for me to start all over again is the fact that Burnout Paradise is such an amazing game.  If it were not so fun to play, it would not be worth the effort.  I will still enjoy playing it, but until I reach 101% again, there will be bitterness.  It looks like this is what is going to seperate the regular Burnout fans from the truly fiendish ones.  Call me fiendish.