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Don't Make Promises. 6

WARNING!THERE ARE SPOILERS IN THIS REVIEW!  Campaign - The A.I. for both humans and the Covenant are unbalanced.  Humans are dumb as fuck and the Covenant, especially Elites, are too hyper-reactive.  It's unnatural.  Humans stand there, taking damage and not shooting back; whereas Elites run all over the place after reacting to a single shot.  Play the game on Legendary, you'll know what I mean.- Adjusting the difficulty is not hard.  When Bungie said that they were going to "increase the numbe...

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Epic Warfare 2 0

WARNING! Contains Spoilers and/or Bad Language.  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, rebranded as just "Modern Warfare 2" is the sequel to the critically accliamed first-person shooter, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.  When Call of Duty 4 was released, it redefined first-person shooters with new systems of mofications - such as Perks.  Breaking out of it's "Call of Duty" franchise, developer Infinity Ward promises that this game will be a masterpiece, much like it's predecessor.  Does this ...

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Prepare for Firefight! 0

WARNING: May contain Spoilers and/or Bad Language.  Halo 3 was one of the most anticipated titles and the best selling game in 2007 in the US.  It included amazing features such as: Video Recording and Forge.  How does Halo 3: ODST stand against it's predecessor?  The story takes place between Halo 2 and Halo 3, in the city of New Mombasa.  You play as The Rookie, an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper (ODST), you and your squad drop into the city to clear Covenant forces.  During the drop, you and your ...

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A Shadow of a Great RPG 0

WARNING: May contain Spoilers and/or Bad Language!  By Hironobu Sakaguchi, father of the Final Fantasy franchise, you'd expect something epic.  So epic that no other story in the world could match what he could tell.  Since SQUARE, a lot has changed.  He joined Microsoft to develop RPG's for the Xbox 360.  Can he break the RPG barrier for the Xbox generation?  The story follows three friends: Shu, Kluke and Jiro.  What was once a peaceful world is now corrupted by the power that is Nene.  The u...

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The True Xbox 360 RPG 0

WARNING:May contain Spoilers and/or Bad Language!   I first heard of this game as "Trusty Bell" and didn't think anything of it because it was a music RPG.  After playing the demo on Xbox LIVE, I was very impressed.  As a RPG fan, I had to pick this up.  As any RPG, you will play multiple characters throughout the story.  You can customise the weapons and accessories of each character.  Strangely enough, you can't equip different clothing items.The main feature of this game is the "Party Level" ...

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The Dead, Rising to the Challenge 0

WARNING: Spoilers, Bad Language!   Probably one of the most anticipated titles of 2006.  CAPCOM is not new to the horror genre with their Resident Evil franchise but has taken the chance to change this game into what is not your usual zombie slaying game.  You play as Frank West, a reporter.  Equipped with only a camera, you investigate what happened at Willamette Mall.  The story does take some points from the movie, Dawn of the Dead (such as: basing the game in a Mall) but is not a complete r...

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Can You Survive in the Killzone? 0

WARNING: May contain Spoilers and/or Bad Language!Now, I never played the first Killzone.  In my opinion, it's because the DualShock 2 isn't designed to play FPS games (having used the Xbox controller for Halo).  I watched my brother played it and he said it wasn't that great but the A.I. bots were good.  Anyways, 4 years and a lot of hype later - we have Killzone 2.  Here's what I thought of the game:You play as Sev, one of the marines of the ISA Special Forces Alpha Team.  You and your team...

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Fear You Can't... Remember? 0

WARNING: Spoilers, Bad Language!Resident Evil has been a name that symbolizes horror since it's debut in 1996.  In 2006, Resident Evil 4 was the most praised and critically acclaimed title of the series, redefining both gameplay and horror.  How does Resident Evil 5 compare to it's predecessor?The story is good at best.  As a direct sequel to Resident Evil 4, the story just continues where the last one ended.  Nothing special that sets this title apart from the other Resident Evil titles.Some en...

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On the Edge of Good and Bad 0

WARNING: Spoilers, Bad Language!I saw the trailers and they were awesome.  I played the Xbox 360 demo and it was awesome.  I played the PlayStation 3 version and it was... good.The levels are designed great.  This is the next evolution in the puzzle solving genre since Portal. The combat (both hand-to-hand and weaponry) is terrible.  Faith dies in 2 hits from enemies.  The enemies block any attack you've used previously, so you have to keep changing your attacks.  Personally, they should've just...

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Gears 1.5? 5

WARNING: Spoilers, Bad Language!Gears of War re-defined the thrid-person genre by updating the cover mechanic and truly bring HD content to gaming.  However, after completing Gears of War 2, I'm quite disappointed that the campaign introduces boring content - which I never saw in Gears 1.The campaign story was okay but I can't help compare it to Halo's story: Humans vs. Locusts (Covenant) vs. Lament (Flood).  There are large amounts of more enemies than Gears 1 - just as I hoped.  The ending was...

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Final Fantasy Rival? 0

WARNING: Spoilers, Bad Language!Having finished Blue Dragon only quite a while before picking up Lost Odyssey at launch, I have to say that it feels that some content from Blue Dragon was inserted to Lost Odyssey (such as: some locations and creatures).  The baseline of the story is quite interesting to me but I have to say, some plot-based content is ridiculous.  I'm talking about "Grand Staff", which is literally a big ass flying staff structure.  WTF?!   Some CGI's are great and well produce...

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Awesome Smash Bros. Brawl! 0

WARNING: Spoilers, Bad Language!The Adventure mode is quite long but the story is good at best.  Also, there were situations where this mode should've supported 4-players co-op considering the amount of characters there are to select.  We completed Adventure mode in 10 hours! Unlocking characters through Adventure mode was great. The final boss of Adventure mode is WAY~ overpowered.  Expect to die several times and maybe even cry. They should've added the ability to select different characters o...

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