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    Pu-Li-Ru-La is an absolutely insane arcade beat em up. It was released by Taito in 1991.

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    Pu-Li-Ru-La is a game that almost defies explanation. Its basic gameplay is similar to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Simpsons, or any other arcade brawler, but Pu-Li-Ru-La's Broken English translation, wild abstract moments, and simplified brawler mechanics make it a very interesting game to play.

    The game was eventually converted and released for the rare Japanese only video game console, the Fujitsu FM Towns Marty. Later on versions were released for the Sega Saturn, Playstation and Playstation 2.


    The game's attract mode informs you that Pu-Li-Ru-La takes place in a world called Radishland, where every town has a Time Keeper who keeps time's flow with a magic key. However, a "Bad Man" steals a Time Key and begins freezing towns in time. So two children from another town are given magic wands and sent out to stop the unnamed adversary.


    Gameplay wise, Pu-Li-Ru-La is a typical arcade brawler with a twist: Most enemies are defeated in just one hit. This one hit mechanic helps keep the game moving quickly. Once defeated with your magic wand, enemies will be shot over to the side of the screen, at which point they will turn into ducks, puppies, pigs, or other small animals for some reason. Once transformed, they will run across the screen towards you and can be collected for points. The further they run across the screen before being collected, the more points they are worth. Going for a high score presents an interesting challenge as you need to try to keep up with the flow of enemies while collecting the animalized forms of defeated enemies, preferably letting them run as far as possible for maximum points.


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