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If you simply must play Pushmo without owning a 3DS, this will suffice.

I'll keep this brief as I don't know how much needs to be said here. The Pushmo series revolves around using a little marshmallow sumo man to manipulate block puzzles with the goal of scaling them and reaching a sumo baby-shaped goal at the top. This series had its origins on the 3DS, where the system's gimmick actually added something to the experience by helping the player track the depth of blocks pulled out from puzzles by adding some perspective. The followup to Pushmo, Crashmo, added some gravity elements to the puzzling that made it the hardest entry in the series. Pushmo World does not employ Crashmo's mechanics, instead rehashing those of the first entry.

What you're left with then is a game that feels a bit bland. You've lost the 3D gimmick, and the presentation leans heavily on that Wii U house style employed by Nintendo. You know, the one where the menus in Super Mario 3D World were the same as the ones in Nintendo Land? Couple that with the simple level geometry and the whole thing feels... I don't know, cheap? Simplistic? Maybe the worst thing is the simple presence of the Wii U itself. You lose the portability, unless you count the 25 foot radius around the console "portable", and you're stuck using the Gamepad to control the thing rather than the Wii U Pro Controller, a fine controller indeed. At this point one of the game's incentives for playing, stamps for the MiiVerse, is also an albatross when you factor that Nintendo's desperate social network is now defunct.

Still, it's 250 new Pushmo puzzles on a console that may, just may, become a fun collector's item in a decade. Get it while it's hot?

-Three out of five little marshmallow babies stuck at the top of puzzles shaped a little bit like a teapot

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