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Quantum Conondrum 0

I really, really wanted to like this game. As with all Remedy joints, Quantum Break was unveiled as another ambitious title with a unique concept. Fifteen years ago it was Max Payne and its revolutionary bullet time gameplay; in 2010, Alan Wake looked to be the unofficial video game adaptation of Twin Peaks; now, at the height of Netflix, Quantum Break looks to meld the interactivity of video games with the world of streaming television. With a few rare exceptions, neither the action or the s...

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Quantum Broken ? 0

Quantum BreakPlaytime - 8hs 48 minsCompletion - 97%Is it a game or is it a TV show?As it happens it is a bit of both.The lastest game from Remedy is a paradox in more ways than one. It is a third-person cover shooter Where you play as Jack Joyce (Shawn Ashmore - Xmen) who gets caught up in a time travel adventure where you are trying to stop the “END OF ALL TIME”.While visiting your brothers old friend you decide to help him out with a science experiment. Of course it goes wrong and ...

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Remedy's latest isn't a knockout but certainly is worth the price of admission 0

Quantum Break is the biggest new IP to hit the Xbox One so far. It’s an ambitious project that tries to meld a tv show seamlessly with a videogame. You actions will have consequences and will shape the story. The game went through a rather rough development and many changes were clearly made with the biggest being the standalone tv show being put into the game as live action episodes. After numerous delays; Remedy’s newest adventure is finally here. While the game doesn’t deliv...

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The birth of a successful franchise. 0

Clearly we can say that is the most ambitious game of the Finnish Remedy (producer Max Payne and Alan Wake) and it is. With a cinematic storyline and accompanied absurd potential for a live action series (which by the way has a sensational quality) Quantum Break has an interesting proposal and a new vision of playing video games, and even if your total gross content has not been fully exploited, but still is a fantastic game with great characters and a magnificent look....

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Quantum Break: Phenomenal story, Mediocre combat, bad checkpoints 0

I loved Remedy's Control so much that I had to go back and play Quantum Break. I generally enjoyed Quantum Break a lot. I played this on my PC with mouse and keyboard.I didn't stop to read everything at first, but after the story made some turns, I had to stop and read all the emails and soak in the episodes because I was hooked. In my opinion, Quantum Break is up there with some of the better time travel stories. Even the FMV episodes didn't bother me, and in fact I generally enjoyed them as it...

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Inconsistent and ultimately disappointing 0

Quantum Break is slightly broken. It isn’t a mess. It isn’t unplayable. The game play is entirely serviceable and it functions without bugs. When I say is ‘slightly’ broken, I mean that Quantum Break is not a synchronized product. The various parts that have been put together to make ‘Quantum Break’ the video game/tv experience individually range between 'below average' to 'good' but collectively they do not fulfill the potential or ambition that is otherwise ...

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Time inconsistency 0

I plan to write a review for the “Game of the year edition” of Control by the time all its DLC has hit the digital shelf. Somehow, it would not be fair to review Control without a look at Remedy’s previous game, Quantum Break. So, I bought and played that game on Steam. What was intended as tipping my toe into the pond soon turned into an Achievement hunt. After 20 hours of play time, I unlocked all 42 Steam Achievements of Quantum Break through 2 full playthroughs and some re...

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Average game, bad story 0

This game tried some new things and I appreciate that, but none of it made it a better game.The story was a real time travel mess that made zero sense; the characters and their motivations made no sense.Brutal product placement throughout the game, I can understand the Microsoft phones and tablets, but everyone in this universe drives a Nissan...I thought the combat was pretty good, but the last boss fight is probably the worst closing to a game I've played in a long time.I laughed my ass off at...

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Quantum Break Review 0

Remedy nails it again with another successful title. Just like Alan Wake, Quantum Break is heavily focused on telling a luring and interesting narrative. For the most part, it does well however they’re a lot more setbacks that hurt the enjoyment of the it’s story. Other than story, the game has fantastic visuals and decent gameplay, showcasing how much Remedy can do with the new technology on Xbox One. If you love story driven games, Quantum Break is excellent for you.While Remedy&r...

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An entertaining Remedy release weighed down by an amateurish, uninteresting television component. 0

The look of the time distortion is rad, using fractals to distort the area around it.Remedy has earned quite the pedigree for themselves with Max Payne and Alan Wake. They are well known for melding cinematic elements and dramatic storytelling with fun shooter gameplay. With their newest game, Quantum Break, they took this pairing to the next level, hiring well-known Hollywood actors and filming actual episodes of a television show that intercut the game’s story. It felt like the inevitabl...

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