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    A game where players control the individual parts of a sprinter's legs.

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    QWOP is a ragdoll-physics based game, released in 2008 for browsers and later appearing on iOS and Android. Players control an athlete named Qwop, who is running the 100 meter sprint event at the Olympic Games. The seemingly simple task proves to be quite challenging, thanks to intentionally awkward controls and erratic physics.

    In August of 2012, a spiritual successor was released called CLOP. Instead of controlling an athlete running the 100 meter sprint, the player controls a unicorn with the H J K and L keys, each corresponding with a leg of the creature, and attempt to make it to the top of a hill.


    Using the Q and W keys to control Qwop's thighs, and the O and P keys to control Qwop's calves, the player must move Qwop forward. While Qwop is capable of walking or sprinting normally, making both of his legs go through the required motions is very difficult. If Qwop's upper body touches the ground, the run is over and Qwop returns to the starting line.

    At the 50 meter mark the player must jump over a hurdle, and at the 100 meter mark the player can try and perform a long jump, although it is not necessary to complete the game. Whenever Qwop gets into a consistent jog, the theme song from the movie Chariots of Fire will fade in. If he slows down while it's playing, the song will fade out.

    iOS version

    In December of 2010, an iOS version of QWOP was released for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod. The iOS version features updated graphics, UI, and new game modes. Instead of buttons on the keyboard, Qwop is now controlled using equally obtuse touch and tilt controls.


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