Rachel Amber

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    19-year-old missing girl and best friend of Chloe in Life is Strange.

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    Rachel Amber was a 19-year-old student at Blackwell Academy and best friend of Chloe Price who went missing on April 22 2013.

    Rachel was born July 22 1995, though not much is known about her early life before Blackwell Academy.

    Max's Journal Entry

    Max wrote the following entry in her journal in regard to Rachel.

    Where is Rachel Amber? Even though Blackwell Academy feels so remote and tranquil, you still get sad reminders of reality, like "Missing Person" posters literally wallpapered all over campus. I already know her name through osmosis. I guess she was a popular student here and vanished six months ago. Rachel has a great picture on her "Missing Person" poster. She looks posed and pretty, like a model.Of course, I wonder who took the photo. Did she run away from home? I'd like to hope so. For her sake. It's so depressing. And I feel awful for her parents. What a shitty thing to go through. SIGH. No matter how much Blackwell seems like a secret bubble of knowledge, you can't escape the real world...

    Possible Death

    It is revealed that Rachel was killed by either Mark Jefferson or Nathan Prescott who drugged and photographed her after Max Caulfield and Chloe Price find a binder in the dark room.

    A body was found buried at the Junkyard on 10 October, which may possibly be Rachel Amber according to speculation.


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