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    A planet in Armored Warriors.

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    In the year 2281, a war spanning half a century between the Raian Kingdom and the United World Forces had at last came to an end. However, a year after the truce was signed by both sides, former Raian army Captain Azrael amassed a new army of cybernetically enhanced soldiers and declared war against the Raian Kingdom. Using weapons stolen from the army, Azreal seized the Raian capital of Merkid, claiming his rule over Raia, and began to abduct the civilians.

    With no one else to turn to, Raia sent an emergency message to Earth requesting aid. The United Earth Government sends an elite squadron of warriors called "Bloody Armor", to retake the capital and rescue the civilians.

    After an intense battle, Azrael's army is finally defeated resulting in a total victory for the United World Forces. All the hostages are rescued and peace is restored to Raia. The war had come at a cost, Raia's cities lay in ruins and it's resources were depleted. Their weakened condition allowed the United Earth Force to easily establish a permanent base on Raia. Eventually the scales tipped in the United World Forces' favor, allowing them to become the real power on Raia as the principality virtually disappeared.


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