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    Armored Warriors

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Sep 16, 1994

    Armored Warriors, the beat'em up from Capcom that features mechs as playable fighters.

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    Released in Japan in September 1994 as Powered Gear - Strategic Variant Armor Equipment, Armored Warriors is a beat'em up from Capcom that was released in the arcades under the CPS II hardware. unlike most beat'em ups, that game features mechs as playable characters of the game. Armored Warriors contain many original elements that were not found in beat'em ups.


     One of the boss fights in the game.
    One of the boss fights in the game.

    Armored Warriors uses a eight-way joystick and three buttons - attack, jump, and sub-weapon. Up to three players can play the game cooperatively. There are also four mechs to choose from, each have their strengths and weaknesses.

    Multiple attack methods are presented for the player to defend him or her self against a variety of enemies. Pressing the attack and jump button will result to a special attack that will drain some health from the player's health bar when used, this was seen in many other beat'em ups before. The other is a dash attack that is perform by pressing twice on the joystick and attack simultaneously. The sub-weapon is used by pressing the fire bottom; the sub-weapon has limited ammunition. The

     Character select screen.
    Character select screen.

    player also has a jump attack as his or her last means of defense.

    The mechs in the game are fully customizable in three fields, the arms, legs, and sub-weapon. Once the player defeats or damage a mech, it will drop a part for the player to use, it will switch whatever part that player has for his or her mech and will switch to that part. Each part has its own special ability that the player can use.


    • Power Knuckle - The default weapon. A standard weapon that can punch enemies and one of the few weapons that allow the player to pick up throw an enemy.
    • Chain Spark - Has the ability to electrocute enemies and can throw a electric sphere by pressing forward and attack.
    • Death Drill - A giant drill that can deal great damage among enemies that are near it. The death drill can also split in half to shoot out a missile by pressing forward and attack.
    • Laser Blade - This weapon can split enemies in half as the final blow. When pressing up and attack, the laser blade can launch projectiles upwards.
    • Force Claw - Force claw has the ability to pick up as enemy and slam it into the ground multiple times, and can also use the enemy as a melee weapon and can damage foes.
    • Shield Arm - A rare weapon in the game, shield arm only shoots out projectiles such as missiles. Different combination of the joystick and buttons can have the shield arm either use the shield as a defense, or shoot out versions of the projectile.


    • Turbo Jet - A part that has the player hovers off the ground. The dash attack transforms the player's mech into a giant drill damage every enemy in the way.
    • Power Bug - Mechanical spiders legs that can unleash blades at the end of each legs while the entire part spins around 360 degrees and damage enemies as its dash attack.
    • Treads - Used as transportation on tanks, this part can transform the player's mech into a giant wheel with spikes and rolls over enemies as its dash attack.


    • Vulcan - The vulcan is a machine gun that fire multiple rounds by holding on the fire button.
    • Missiles
    • Guided Missiles - Homing Missiles.Laser - A giant laser that can knock down enemies that's in the way of the laser.
    • Bomb - Has the ability to cause a wall of flame when used.
    • Naplam - Like the bombs, but can hit every thing in sight.
    • Flamethrower - Has a wide range of attack, but can cause not much damage.

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