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Character Profile

During Viktor's reign in the middle ages, Raze first appears as a chained prisoner along with many others on the carriage travelling directly to Viktor's castle only to be turned to Lycans for slavery and daylight guardians for the Vampires for all eternity until Lucians' uprising which began a centuries feud war that Raze will follow and will eventually meet his end.

As the shipment of slaves on the road, coming to Viktor's castle, Sonja, the daughter of Viktor led a group of armed Death Dealers to assist the shipment. Howls began echoing through nearby forests when the carriage came closer to it's destination. Viktor knew the carriage is in peril but Sonja insisted on aiding the carriage from being another prey for the mindless Lycans that linger about. Sonja undermined Viktor's orders: not to interfere with this affair and attend an upcoming audience, she led a group of Death Dealers to assist the arrival of the carriage which angered Viktor and upon her arrival, the Lycans were already waiting to attack. During this time, the hooded, chained slaves were feared for their lives when the constant howls became louder and closer, Raze remained vigilant among many others. Lucian, saw Sonja heading out, confronted her and suggested she stayed back because of the danger she would be facing but she persisted. He snucked out to save her and the attack already began when he arrived and as the slaughter ensued, he quickly headed for Sonja while Raze fended off the Lycans which caught Lucians attention. Lycans overwhelmed the Death Dealers while the remaining ones attacked the slaves, most were killed or injured. Lucian, sensed the upcoming wave as he knew without doubt that it would wipe them out, transformed to postpone their advance until Viktor's arrival.

The prisoners were brought back to be thrown into prison cages. Lucian was among them because he removed his collar during that battle which was against the rules. He and Raze had a brief discussion, later praised him for his might displayed that night for defending himself against the Lycans. Lucian later told them their purpose for being here and said at the end of the conversation: "I won't bite.. Much." as a friendly gesture because he was to be the one to turn them.

Later that night, Raze and the other prisoners were dragged by Death Dealers to be bitten and transformed into Lycans, before it was Raze's turn, he said: "This is a curse" and as Viktor approached, believed to be there to savour the moment of amusement, he replied to Raze, saying that "It's a gift."

After the process, they were subjected to slavery for eternity. Build by night, dogs by daylight as guardians for Vampires. This all changed when Lucian made his famous speech: "I protected them.. Envied them.. For what? To be treated like an animal! Is this what you want? You can be slaves.. or you can be, Lycans! ... Are you with me?" during one night in the cells along with hundreds of other Lycan slaves which sparked the beginning of an uprise, a rebellion against their masters. When the final battle began, Raze rallied the attack with the others and as the final battle ensued, which lasted briefly and a victory was on their side. This was the beginning of Raze's career as Lucian's right hand man for the centuries war that begins.

Centuries have passed. Lucian has a new goal which Raze is always tasked with handling it. He is to become a hybrid but requires the blood of a direct descendant of Alexander Corvinus, untained by either species: Vampires or Lycans but a mortal one so he could then infuse it with the blood of a Vampire Elder. Raze succeeded in hunting them one by one on the list provided with many of names with a last name of Corvinus but failed when with the last name on the list, Michael Corvin.

He was later assigned to assassinate Amelia to acquire her blood which he did successfully and when he returned to the den, it was beseiged by Death Dealers, led by Viktor and Selene. Raze enranged by Lucians death when he found him lying dead, sought Viktor for revenge only to meet his own end as he was no match for him.


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