Just got an update for the game on Xbox One.

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Does anyone know what it did? I've been playing it on and off for about a week now on the One, and so far, the thing I noticed was the first image that pops up for games when you start it differs, where instead of the red cactus background with the white lettering title, it's the red cactus background but now with John Marston on it. The update was 563.08 MB. I noticed when searching Google to see what it did, that some people on NeoGAF also got it, but didn't know what it did; that's all I saw on the update. Just curious if anyone knows. If it has to do with multiplayer, then okay, that doesn't do much for me, but at least I'll know. I'm kind of hoping they made the frame rate even steadier or something along those lines. It runs fine, I'm just saying.

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This may be a lost cause, but I'm going to bump this just in case anyone knows yet.

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