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Red Johnson's Chronicles is a point and click adventure game released on the PSN for $12.99. The game has you playing as Red Johnson as he solves a murder case by searching for clues and interrogating suspects.


Red Johnson, Ready for Action!
Red Johnson, Ready for Action!

Metropolis is a dangerous place and when a violent murder is committed on Drownedmen's Bridge, the slightly incompetent police is forced to call upon Red Johnson to solve the case.

The game's story takes place through cutscenes between Johnson and suspects as well as police officers and his informant. Certain conversations have multiple choice answers and certain cutscenes have quick time events.


Red Johnson's Chronicles is a point and click action adventure games. The player must investigate static environments for clues. You do not see Johnson on screen, instead you use a big round cursor to highlight things on screen with the right analogue stick. Once you're over an object of interest, all you have to do is press X and Johnson will investigate it.

If you stumble over an object of interest, the game will zoom in on the object and let you manipulate in a 3D space. There, you can use a magnifying glass to search for clues. You can also interact with the object which can sometimes require you to shake the controller. If you are ever stuck on a puzzle, you can buy a hint from your informant.

Money can be obtained in the game's environments or during quick time events. Quick time events range from fist bumping to interrogating suspects. Similar to the system found in Heavy Rain, a circle representing a countdown surrounds the button that you must press. You are graded on how fast you press the button, the higher the grade the more money you gain.

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