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    Republique is a "stealth survival" game for computers and mobile devices, and the first game by Camouflaj.

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    Hope, the game's main character.
    Hope, the game's main character.

    In Republique, the player does not directly control an on-screen character Hope. Instead, they communicate with an off screen character through her contraband phone while using their device (iPhone, iPad, PC, or Mac) to manipulate security cameras, hack computers, and open and close doors to facilitate her escape from the shadowy Overseer.


    The player navigates Hope through obstacles and enemies by setting off various elements using the environment. They can expand a field of view using a widen gesture using two fingers or narrow using a pinch on the touch screen. Although not a direct set of rules have been revealed, it does appear to give the player the ability to command hope down a certain path while combating enemies using a stun gun. The concept does strike a resemblance to Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective although with a survival-horror atmosphere.


    Main Characters


    Very little is known about Hope's origin but so far it appears that she is captive in an environment by a group of soldiers and a faceless enemy named "The Overseer".


    Republique's story, which is inspired by George Orwell's 1984, focuses on a captive named Hope who is attempting to escape her mysterious oppressors. By accessing an off screen character, controlled by the player, Hope will evade her captors through scenarios that the player can alter to make it possible for her to escape.


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