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The Retro Game Challenge series is based on the Japanese TV Show GameCenter CX. The show follows Japanese comedian Shinya Arino as he goes and plays older video games as an employee of a game company called GameCenter CX. The series emulates the show by having the player character complete challenges in a series of fake deliberately retro games. Unlike the show, where Arino is the one playing the retro games, his role in the series is that of Game Master Arino, the one issuing the game challenges to the player.

In each game, your character is sent back to the mid 80s, and tasked with completing challenges within the fake 8-bit games by Game Master Arino. If you can pass all of his challenges, you will be returned to the present. Your ally on this mission is young Arino, who will give you moral support, and as you progress through the game you are given a number of GameFan video game magazines that are full of articles and cheat codes to help you succeed at the challenges.

The series contains many spoofs of game companies, including:

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