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    Ring King

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released 1985

    Ring King is a boxing game developed by Namco and published by Data East for the NES. It was known as King of Boxer and Family Boxing in Japan.

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    A NES boxing game eclipsed by the far more popular Punch-Out which was released shortly afterwards, Ring King has the player control a boxer as they attempt to take down their opponent in a ring with a semi-isometric perspective. Pre-fight, players are able to dump numbers into different stats to customize their fighter to their liking. Oddly, each boxer in the game is the same mustachioed, afro-sporting man with various palette swaps.

    Ring King is an adaptation of a 1985 Arcade game "King of Boxer" by obscure developer Woodplace. This Arcade version was also named Ring King in the US.


    Perhaps the chief reason the game is remembered today is for a suggestive cutscene that occurs between rounds where the boxers are being refreshed by assistants. Due to the unfortunate placing of these assistants, it appears they're giving the boxers service of a different sort.


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