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    Fight Night 2004

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Apr 05, 2004

    Fight Night 2004 is a boxing game. It includes a career, exibition, and create a fighter modes. It also includes former and current fight in all weight divisions.

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    This game replaces EA's Knockout Kings series.  It currently has three sequels.

    Total Punch Control

    This game introduced the total punch control scheme.  It allowed the player to control their punches using the right analog stick.  For example push the stick right then arc up for a right hook.


    Career mode lets you create a fighter or choose from the professionals already available.  Between fights you can buy new items such as shorts, boxing gloves or pyro for your entrance. 

    Before each fight you could enter training mode.  There are different exercises you could perform.  Each is a different kind of mini game. When using the punching bag you must hit it such a way that keeps it swinging from left to right.  Points are gained for how far it goes.  Sparring is much like an ordinary match, except you get points for getting in as many hits as possible on your partner while dodging theirs. Punching dummy is a simon like game where you must hit the dummy in the highlighted areas in the correct order.  A fourth mode has you throwing the correct punches that your coach calls out.  After each training session you can choose what attributes you want to improve.  The amount of points you get is determined by how well you did in training.

    Between each round there is a minigame in which you play as your coach and use your analog stick to heal cuts and bruises.

    When the player is knocked down they must use the two analog sticks to line up the EA logo for them to get up.  This gets harder after each fall.


    The matches are announced by then BET host Big Tigger.  There is a cheat code to unclock him.


    • Puff Daddy feat. Notorious Big & Busta Rhymes – “Victory”
    • I-20 feat. Chingy, Lil Fate & Tity Boi – “Fightin In The Club”
    • David Banner feat. Static – “Crank It Up”
    • Federation feat. E 40 – “Hyphy”
    • Jr Ewing – “Time To Get Dirty
    • Lil Scrappy – “Head Bussa”
    • Cee Lo – “I’ll Be Around”
    • Mop – “Fire”
    • Stat Quo – “Wanna Fight”

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