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Rippin' Riders Snowboarding is the US release for a game in Japan called Cool Boarders Burrrn. The name was changed in the US because Sony owned the rights to use the words cool and boarders together. Rippin' Riders is a semi sequal to the Cool Boarders snowboarding series of games that were released for the origninal Playstation. 


Rippin' Riders features three different modes that are all based around the sport of snowboarding. The first is match mode in which you simply race a live or computer controlled player down a mountain. The second is half pipe mode, where you will compete in competitions and against other players in a trick contest. The third is free race mode where you will simply board down a mountain hitting ramps, doing tricks and avoiding obstacles. The game features seven different snowboarders to use, and each have their own skills and attributes. Each of the characters is more capable completing certain objectives and races because of there different skills. The game only begins with one mountain course to race on, but as you complete objectives more will be opened for play.

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