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RoboCop Versus the Terminator is a licensed action game that hypothetically pits the two eponymous cyborg movie characters against each other, placing RoboCop in the role of the savior of humanity from Skynet and its legion of T-800s and other robots. It is based on a comic book series with the same premise.

In the near future, the worlds of RoboCop and The Terminator merge into a single reality. RoboCop is placed in charge with saving mankind by destroying the Skynet super computer and preventing a possible future where machines reign supreme. The player, as RoboCop, must traverse 10 levels of action, fighting against thugs and machines alike, all while utilizing a combination of pistols, laser guns, bazookas and even the deadly ED-209 Gatling gun. The player can destroy Skynet and save the world. The game was released for Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, Sega Master System, Game Boy, and Game Gear. An NES version was developed but never officially released.

The SNES and Genesis versions have slightly different stages and stories, though are similar games in practice. The NES and Game Boy games are similar to the SNES game, while the Sega Master System and Game Gear versions are similar to the Genesis game.

Levels (Sega Genesis version)

Level 1 - Trainer Level

Level 2 - Streets of Detroit

Level 3 - Delta City under Construction

Level 4 - The Toxic Farm

Level 5 - OCP office Complex

Level 6 - Terminator Outpost

Level 7 - Underground Complex

Level 8 - Underground Bunker

Level 9 - The wall to Skynet

Level 10 - Skynet


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