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Roland is the leader of the Lokapala, a resistance group in opposition to the Karma Society. The original Lokapala leader was killed after Roland fled the mission, which ultimately resulted in him being leader and being Fred's guardian. 
After the death of the original Lokapala leader, he drank heavily to drown the sorrow of his lost friend. Following his initial meeting with Serph, he injects himself with the demon virus and obtains the Lighting Bolt atma which allows him to tune in to Indra.  
Roland tuned as Indra
Roland tuned as Indra

When in his human form he uses shotguns as his weapons. Tuned as Indra, he has a high resistance to electricity attacks and is weak to earth attacks. His initial build is a balance of Strength and Magic, with deficiencies in Vitality, Agility, and Luck. However as he is leveled, he gains significant amounts of Strength and Vitality, rounding him out for more physical combat. 


Death (WARNING: Spoilers ahead) 

 In an attempt to avenge the fallen Lokapala leader he had failed, he attempted to face Meganada by himself. He sacrifices himself along with Argilla to destroy Meganada, and his data ascends to the Sun. Certain choices made throughout both games will lead to either Roland staying with Seraph on the Sun, or him allowing Heat to take his place.

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