Rudo Resurrection

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    Rudo Resurrection was a game based on the wrestlers from the Pennsylvania-based wrestling promotion, CHIKARA.

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    Announced on at the 2010 King Of Trios event, Rudo Resurrection will be the first game to feature the cast of unusual characters from CHIKARA Pro Wrestling. Details are scarce but the insistence is that CHIKARA has partnered with a like-minded development studio for the project, in order to utilize and convey the promotion's unique sense of humor. The game will be developed by Rogue Brains and will utilize the Unity 3d game engine.

    The game would go on to have a failed Kickstarter campaign in the summer of 2014. Since the failed campaign news about the slowly faded away until seemingly the game had been cancelled.


    The teaser trailer currently available hints at a plot by UltraMantis Black and his Order of The Neo-Solar Temple disciple Crossbones to resurrect the Tecnicos (in Lucha-Libre wrestling, the good guys) of CHIKARA's past to create an army for his own uses.

    The developer Rogue Brains has also indicated that the main story of this CHIKARA season (that of The Bruderschaft des Kreuzes) will be at the centre of the story, suggesting that the early trailer may be a subplot to the main game.


    The playable characters are confirmed to be the patriarch and founder of CHIKARA, 'Lightening' Mike Quackenbush in addition to current incarnation of Tecnico stable and recently deposed Campeonatos de Parejas, The Colony: Soldier Ant, Fire Ant, and Green Ant.

    Other characters confirmed by the trailer are:

    • UltraMantis Black
    • Crossbones
    • Worker Ant
    • Mister ZERO
    • Lance Steele (It is not currently known whether this is the "Past" incarnation who time travelled into the future or the "Future" incarnation who travelled back in time to prevent his past time travel mishaps)
    • Sumie Sakai
    • USApe
    • Private Eye
    • Blind Rage
    • ShareCropper
    • Jervis Cottonbelly


    Rogue Brains have indicated that the game will be less of a traditional wrestling game and will instead be a more arcade style brawler.


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