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    Playable character in Magna Carta 2.

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    Rue is a young, skilled fighter and personal bodyguard to Zephie - whom she only addresses as Princess Rzephillda. She is the final party member to join the group. Having been Zephie's bodyguard from a young age, Rue is extremely competent in combat and shows little to no emotion throughout the majority of the game. Zephie's safety is her main priority above all else and she regularly chastises the party members for letting the Princess even fight in the first place, despite Zephie's objections.  

    Having been doing reconnaissance in the captial searching for information on the Sentinels, eventually discovering their weak point, Rue returns for the remainder of the game to continue to accompany Zephie.

    Rue can switch between long-range attacking with a shuriken and melee fighting with 2 katana. Both of Rue's skill trees focus on offense and she is the only member of the group to generate Electric Kan.

    In the English version Rue is voiced by Kate Higgins


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