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    A courageous soldier in the Green army and the main protagonist of most of the Army Men series.

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    Sergeant Hawk (Sarge for short) is the leader of the Bravo Company. They are an elite squad of misfits who have saved the Green Nation on numerous occasions. The Bravo Company consists of Riff, Thick, Shrap, Scorch and Hoover

    Sarge has experienced stuff that no other soldier has ever thought of experiencing. Sarge has a strong will and will not rest  until the Tan Army are no more. Sarge is strict with his comrades but becomes soft and gentle in the presence of Vikki, his love interest.

    When Sarge was a teenager he witnessed his Father being kidnapped by the Tan Army. His father is now presumed dead. Sarge made himself a vow that he would not rest until he had avenged his fathers death. 
    Sarge is voiced by Jim Cummings.


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