Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game

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    Beat up a lot of people to win the heart of your girlfriend in this retro-themed 2D side-scrolling beat-em-up based on the Scott Pilgrim series of graphic novels.

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    A fitting movie to get a own 8-bit game. Not in sense that the movie is something spectacular. Instead fitting based on the video game references the franchise does. That again is based on Bryan Lee O'Malley comic books.  

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    As with the movie I feel that the game doesn't hit the target audience properly. Licensed game based on a teenage movie which again is basically a 8-bit brawler game. One would think that the majority of movies audience don't see the charm of this old game?   Game mechanism is not too different for 8-bit era time either. Many relations can be drawn in to old school brawler games such as River City Ransom and even Street Fighter games. Where the protagonist travels in a 2D world battling from left to right against hordes of enemies. More depth is added with a RPG elements where player will get experience and currency from killing enemies. These again unlock more special moves and items.

    The story follows Scott Pilgrim's absurd plot where Scott needs to fight seven of his girlfriend ex-boyfriends. Ideal setting for a video game with its seven bosses and varying locations. Game is not 100% true to the movie but the added extra bosses suit the crazy plot. 

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     Presentation is a 8-bit look as mentioned. Scott and his countless enemies are sprites. Backgrounds are static 2D. The pixelated look might not be for everyone, but it always nice to see such a new retro game. Audio in game is done by Anamaguchi and can't think of more fitting band to do it. 

    Game has three difficulty levels and bunch of unlockables. For fan of Scott Pilgrim and the retro gameplay there is enough to get money's worth. Not to mention the local 4-player multiplayer mode which one can only imagine being very funny.
    All and all good traditional beat-em up with no real flaws. Only thing worth mentioning would be the fact that the gameplay is rather simple and might(will?) become repetitive.    

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