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    SCP Containment Breach

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released 2012

    An indie horror adventure based on the SCP Foundation website.

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    SCP Containment Breach draws from the fictional SCP Foundation wiki, which describes supernatural creatures, objects, and other phenomena ("SCPs") that are under confinement and observation at a secret underground facility.

    The player character is a D-Class personnel, one of a group of convicted felons brought into the facility to perform tasks too dangerous for the SCP Foundation's personnel. In the game's opening, the player and other D-Class are sent into the chamber containing SCP-173, a grotesque statue capable of snapping people's necks while no one is looking directly at it. When the player approaches the SCP, the facility's power suddenly goes down, allowing the SCP to escape and kill everyone in the vicinity. Only the player survives, and must find a way out while avoiding SCP-173 and several other SCPs that have escaped confinement.


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