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    Sean Devlin

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    Sean Devlin is the main protagonist from The Saboteur. There's nothing he won't do to put the hurt on the Nazis in general and Kurt Dierker in particular. Voiced by Robin Atkin Downes.

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    Sean Devlin is an Irish mechanic-turned-racecar-driver in The Saboteur. He is the main character and is driven by vengeance.

    ''Takes the edge off, this does.''
    ''Takes the edge off, this does.''

    Sean is a full-blown Irish cliche', characterized with a strong love of whiskey and for making a liberal use of classic Irish slang, such as the greeting ''Top O' the morning to ya''. He is also a womanizing, foul mouthed chain-smoker and can be somewhat selfish with his desires. Despite his scummy exterior, however, he is noble enough to take up the cause of ridding Paris from the Nazis to help the French Resistance just as much to avenge his murdered friend.


    Sean Devlin was born in Ireland, and became a Mechanic. Sean has a talent with cars, and was employed by a man called Vittore Morini, the owner of a small racing team, called Morini Autos. Vittore took a risk by hiring Sean, as he was a rookie racer. The game begins with Sean crossing the border into Saarbrucken, in Germany with the team to take part in the 1940 Grand Prix.

    The racer begins with Sean meeting a rival racer, called Kurt Dierker. Dierker is a professional racing driver, and is the key antagonist. Dierker is a member of the Nazi Party, as well as a racer. He drives for a mysterious team called Doppelsieg. During the race, Dierker shoots out the tyre on Sean's car, causing him to lose the race.

    Sean decides to take revenge on the cheating racer, by destroying the car. Sean breaks into the factory with one of his closest friends. After successfully destroying the car, they are captured and tortured. Sean's friend, Jules, is personally shot dead by Dierker, and Sean escapes. As you leave Saarbrucken, the Nazis are invading France, meaning you must be quick to get through.

    Sean spends a lot of time feeling guilt for Jules' death, and he heads to Paris after the invasion.


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