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Sega's Chihiro hardware is essentially a more powerful version of Microsoft's Xbox console, with more memory to work with. It uses the same sort of GD-ROM discs used by the Sega NAOMI and Triforce hardware, which are copied whole to the RAM before the game starts (preventing disc loading times). Some games were also distributed as Compact Flash cards or as CD-ROM/DVD-ROM discs.

Numerous games support Satellite Terminal setups, allowing them to link up multiple terminals to one centralized console (which displays to its own large screen).

Game List

NOTE: This list may be incomplete (and, at times, incorrect). Assistance is always appreciated!


  • GDX-0001 - The House of the Dead III
  • GDX-0002 - Crazy Taxi: High Roller
  • GDX-0003 - Virtua Cop 3
  • GDX-0004 - OutRun 2
  • GDX-0005 - Sega Golf Club Network Pro Tour (uses a Satellite Terminal setup)
  • GDX-0006 - Sega Network Taisen Mahjong MJ2 (uses a Satellite Terminal setup)
  • GDX-0007 - Ollie King
  • GDX-0008 - Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune
  • GDX-0009 - Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune (export version)
  • GDX-0010 - ?
  • GDX-0011 - OutRun 2 SP
  • GDX-0012 - Ghost Squad
  • GDX-0013 - Gundam Battle Operating Simulator
  • GDX-0014 - OutRun 2 SP (export version)
  • GDX-0015 - Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 2 (export version)
  • GDX-0016 - Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 2
  • GDX-0017 - Sega Network Taisen Mahjong MJ3 (uses a Satellite Terminal setup)
  • GDX-0018 - Sega Golf Club Version 2006: Next Tours (uses a Satellite Terminal setup)
  • GDX-0019 - ?
  • GDX-0020 - ?
  • GDX-0021 - Sega Network Taisen Mahjong MJ3 Evolution (uses a Satellite Terminal setup)
  • GDX-0022 - ?
  • GDX-0023 - ?
  • GDX-0024 - Unused (reserved for CompactFlash Firmware Updater)
  • ? - Sega Golf Club Network Pro Tour 2005 (uses a Satellite Terminal setup)




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