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    Released specifically for the Sega Dreamcast title Samba de Amigo, the maracas controller was a unique and unorthodox method of controlling a video game for the time.


    Samba de Amigo is a rhythm game focusing on the use shaking of the maracas in time to the music by following the onscreen graphics. The game has players shake the maracas over six positions (3 per maraca) at high, medium, and low altitudes, timed precisely to "hit" graphics that radiate out from a central point to the various locations the maracas must be shook. Additionally, the game requires players to produce humorous poses, by moving the maracas to any two of the six positions and holding them there.

    While primarily designed for use with Samba de Amigo, the maracas also work with two other games, Namco's Mr. Driller and SNK's Cool Cool Toon.

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