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    Seto Kaiba

    Character » appears in 27 games

    He is Yugi's greatest rival and has a multi million company called Kaiba Corp. He has plenty of rare cards like three Blue Eyes White Dragons. He has a younger brother named Mokuba.

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    Early Life

    Seto Kaiba and his little brother Mokuba both grew up without parents, their father died when Seto was 8, and their mom died when Mokuba was born. Their relatives used up their money and put Seto and Mokuba in a foster home and Kaiba had to protect his little brother against the bullies. He challenged Gozubora, owner of Kaiba Corp to a game of Chess, and if Seto won Gozubora would have to adopt Seto and his little brother. But, if Gozubora didn't accept it would bring bad publicity, and Seto beat him in chess.  

     As Adopted Son of Gozubora

    As soon as Seto and Mokuba arrived to their new life, Gozubora made Seto work hard on his studies, rendering him exahausted day in and day out. But Mokuba helped him through it, drawing up a made-up Blue Eyes White Dragon card. It was then that Seto was inspired and led him to his path to success. 
    One time, Gozubora gave Seto 2% of the company and told him he had a year to pay him back 10 times the stock. If he couldn't, both Seto and Mokuba had to go back to the orphanage. Seto paid him back in one day, and thus stayed with Gozubora. Years later he and the Big Five (an affluent group that worked in Kaibacorp, Gozubora's company) began to buy company stock. They had 49%, and it seems as if Gozubora was going to oust Seto and the Big Five. However Mokuba, who had 2% of the company, sided with Kaiba so Seto owned Kaiba Corp and removed Gozubora.  

     As Head of Kaibacorp

    Seto later kidnapped Yugi's grandpa wanting the fourth Blue Eyes White Dragon, and Yami saved him by beating Seto by using exodia (the first time that he is defeated in a long time if ever). Although Seto had already ripped the fourth Blue Eyes White Dragon card, the defeat lingers and Seto is driven to settle the score. Later on Pegasus kidnapped Mokuba, causing Seto to enter the tournament. He actually manages to defeat Yugi (by standing near the edge of a castle and daring Yugi to attack him and kill him as well. Yugi is reluctant to do so), hence allowing Seto to duel against  Pegasus.  However, he lost and now was in the control of pegasus as well until being rescued by Yugi. Next, he hosted his Battle City Tournament, which he wanted to bring out the location of the Egyptian God Cards: Slifer The Sky Dragon, and the Wing Dragon of Rah. In the Semi-finals he lost to Yugi and had to fork over his Obliesk The Tormentor. However, he does defeat Joey Wheeler to attain 3rd place. Seto Kaiba does not play as big of role in the next two season as much as Yugi does. However, it is notable that it was he who opened the Duel Academy, which is the main setting for Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. He rarely appears during that show.

    Deck Type

    - Revolves around his 3 Blue Eyes White Dragons, which can be fused into Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon 
    - Most of his monsters have high attack power (ie. Vorse Raider, Luster Dragon 2) 
    - Also utilizes XYZ Dragon Cannon (along with its X Y Z Monsters) 
    - In the video games, he is one of the stronger, if not one of the strongest, duelists. He plays like his TV counterpart, although there is much less emphasis on his Blue Eyes White Dragons. 

    Favorite Cards

    Blue Eyes White Dragon (3 copies)
    Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon
    Obliesk The Tormentor (his Egyptian God card)
    Blue Eyes Shining Dragon

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