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    Shimano Xtreme Fishing

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Oct 09, 2009

    EXTREME fishing/diving game for the Nintendo Wii.

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    Shimano Xtreme Fishing is a fishing simulator for the Wii that allows the aspiring fisherman to don SCUBA gear and head underwater with a spear gun for fish hunting as well as hunt from the boat using bows and variously equipped fishing rods.

    Players can play over an entire simulated fishing career where a dozen tournaments can be enetered and battle in more than 65 stages. Scores and awards can be shared on a community leader board and players can compete in fishing events with up to four players.

    Locations vary, with icy dark waters of North America, Amazonian waterfalls, underwater Mayan ruins, secret lagoons, and shark infested tropical waters.


    The fishing equipment in the game is modeled after real world brands and products.

    Fishing Reels

    • Voltaus Freshwater & Saltwater Rods: Engineered with a proprietary "UniFiber Construction" process, the Voltaeus provides anglers with an incredibly durable yet lightweight fishing rod with exceptional sensitivity.
    • Sonora 4000 Reel: The first reel in fisherman's arsenal is the Sonora 4000. This compact, well-crafted reel is proven to land small to medium sized fish.
    • Socorro 10000 Reel: The second reel available to anglers is the Socorro 10000 Reel. This lightweight spinning reel is dynamic and deadly when landing medium sized fish.
    • Shimano TLD25 Reel: The third reel in the series of upgrades earned provides top anglers with the power and durability to land larger fish. The TLD25 is lightweight, nimble, and versatile for use in any fishing environment.
    • Shimano TLD50IILRSA Reel: The most powerful reel offered will take down any fish that is hooked. Only the greatest anglers will have a chance to achieve this reel and once received, no other reel is necessary.


    • Recurve Bow - Hoyt Recurve: In the recurve world, the Hoyt Recurve is synonymous with consistency, low maintenance and high performance. An all-around great choice for recurve shooters. Paired with the reliable AMS Bowfishing reel, even novice bow fishermen will have an easy time retrieving their catch.
    • Compound Bow: The Hoyt Compound bow is the first bow to be unlocked. Bow fishermen will have great success shooting medium sized fish with this bow.
    • Crossbow - Mastiff's Big Dog: The Big Dog is the ultimate weapon for bow anglers. The Big dog features the most powerful AMS Bowfishing reel on the market. The Big Dog is superior in power, range, and accuracy. Making short work of even the most ferocious water dwellers and with the AMS Bowfishing reel, bringing the catch to the boat is a cinch.

    Spear Guns

    • Light Speargun - Mini Monster: The lightweight crossbow each SCUBA-diver starts with is called the Mini Monster. The Mini Monster can take down small fish and most medium sized fish with its smooth action. The Mini Monster is sturdy and reliable. What it lacks in physical power, it makes up for in proven stability leading to greater accuracy.
    • Medium Speargun - Long Shot: The first speargun upgrade is aptly named Long Shot. This fierce weapon provides the diver with a hardcore speargun that can take down larger fish quicker.
    • Heavy Speargun - Xtreme Hunter: The Xtreme Hunter is the pinnacle of underwater firepower. Divers who have earned this deadly weapon quickly establish their dominance over the biggest sharks and other predators.


    • SXF 2009 Fishing Boat: The SXF 2009 is big on performance. With limitless cargo space for fish, master anglers never need worry about heading back to shore. Outfitted with a powerful 350 horsepower engine and an 80lb thrust trolling motor, there's no place for fish to hide.

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