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Premium Podcasts: Film & 40s: The Thing (1982)

Oct. 31st 2018

We've done a bunch of very silly movies over the course of this October, so we close out our series of horror films with a genuine classic in John Carpenter's paranoia-fueled monster masterpiece, The Thing!

Episode Notes:

This podcast is an audio supplement, meant to be played simultaneously with the film The Thing (1982). We are watching the film via a US Blu-ray release. Streaming and rental options can be found here.

Our commentary begins at the film's 1 second mark, right where the first title card, which reads "A Universal Picture", has faded up.

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yyZiggurat • 

Time to spend favorite holiday of the year watching one of my favorite horror films with my favorite screw-crew.

Garr123 • 

Bill Paxton totally should be in this movie. You guys should do a Bill Paxton movie. I suggest Near Dark.

bunkerbuster05 • 

Ah damn it, I just watched the Thing a few days ago! I still have the other audio commentaries to listen to so I’ll check those out first, but MAN I LOVE THE THING!

Garr123 • 

Also, for anyone who loves this movie, there's a wonderful, award-winning short story by Peter Watts called The Things which takes the perspective of the alien. I think Alex would enjoy it considering his talking about the alien's nature and homeworld.

It's free on the Clarkesworld Magazine website:

"Mutinous biomass sloughed off despite my most desperate attempts to hold myself together: panic-stricken little clots of meat, instinctively growing whatever limbs they could remember and fleeing across the burning ice."

Ganonmaster • 

Watched this one last week, so I guess I'm watching it again! Excellent movie!

drewb346 • 

Hell yeah! I think this is only the second time they've done a Film & 40's where I already owned the movie.

cyberspacecat • 

It's funny when you watch this as a Norwegian and you're spoiled on a small part of the film.

chebbles • 

Nice to have a reason to watch my favourite movie again this week!

glots • 

Ordered the wonderful looking Scream Factory release last week, really hoping it arrives before the weekend.

HiCZoK • 

My fav movie. let's go !

Basanakin • 

Im so glad that watched this movie after all! Thank you, GB!

mb2814 • 

This movie is perfect.

Also they should do a playdate of the PS2 game.

bart008 • 

One of my favorite horror movies of all time. let's do this!

cyberspacecat • 

I love how genuinely horrified they are by this film, I haven't seen or listened to the other ones but they seem like such goofy choices.

It's such a good tense film with masterful practical effects, I saw it myself for the first time not that long ago.
One of my favourite things about, well, the Thing, is how elusive its biology and strategy is; you can't pin it down and you can't be 100% sure, that's what makes it so tense.

I like that the characters in the film aren't idiots either, they do tests, try their best to stick together and isolate the threat, the Thing is just doing its best to survive, and it's learning.

[ Also for the first time a film they picked is ACTUALLY on Norwegian Netflix, goddamn my country's service sucks. ]

elite49 • 

This film and Romero's Dead trilogy (Night, Dawn, Day) were my childhood. Scared the hell outta me but I loved watching them!

garwalk • 

10:30 AM, time to get drunk and watch a spooky movie!

Wanaming0 • 

Can't wait to listen later today! (The movie is available on LATAM Netflix)

Zeeman155 • 

Not a fan that Alex essentially spoiled the best reveal in the movie right from the beginning.

chandoo • 

This is a great way to cap off Halloween film and 40's.

80PoundGames • 

Dan can never complain about his dad being confused by something ever again.

Dethfish • 

Dan please, this movie is not that complex

Knifey_Spoony • 

I’ve been looking forward to this since I first heard of Film & 40s.

Shinmaru007 • 

Rewatched The Thing this week with a bunch of people seeing it for the first time. That is an incredible experience, highly recommended.

Fontelroy • 

This is one of my favorite movies!! Also Alex 100% said "Dabby"

asherrd • 

Fun fact: Ennio Morricone won a razzie for his score on this.

DoctorDunno • 

Of course, gotta link this wonderful musical rendition for the thing. Don't watch this until you've seen the movie, hella spoilers.

cikame • 

I hope Dan's just trying to overthink the film, it's just some dudes surviving and potentially being an alien, there arn't hints as to who the alien will be, it's a mystery.

fjor • 

Alex is really bad with spoilers :D

pantsmaniac • 

I never noticed the nose ring before

HildaTilde • 

The Thing is one of my all-time faves. Every year when it starts to snow, I feel compelled to return to this movie.

CurrySpiced • 

@asherrd said:

Fun fact: Ennio Morricone won a razzie for his score on this.

It was nominated for Worst Original Score in 1982, but did not win. Also, outside of the main theme, Ennio Morricone's score isn't used much in the film. John Carpenter mostly used his own synth pieces.

bruno0091 • 

Really enjoyed this set of Film & 40's, there's a really obvious one yet to be done, but it's just an awkward time of year production wise... Christmas movies.

Muppets Christmas Carol

A Christmas Story

Home Alone

It's a Wonderful Life


Bad Santa

Jingle All The Way (which would be a GREAT one to do)

then you get to start some cool fights by including the likes of


Die Hard

Nightmare before Christmas

Leathal Weapon

Bats • 

This was goddamn perfect! What a wonderful halloween treat. Biked my way all through it. GB's my fav content to bike to. Sad it had to end. Patiently awaiting the next F&F.

ripelivejam • 

That interrogation scene is so perfect.

Stapler • 

One Flew Over the Screw Crew's Nest

Humboldt • 

Very much that Morricone, an absolute legend.

I watched westerns with my grandfather and have fond memories.

Gerorne • 

I like Alex fine most times... but haha, even Vinny couldn't completely hold himself back when Alex let the spoiler out. That level of spoiler is impressive.

Edit: And he keeps reinforcing it! While Vinny keeps trying to distract from it.

Edit 2: Okay... it's not even just that one spoiler.

Edit: Great movie though! Great Halloween Watch! Great close out for Film and 40s!

Puddingbrummsel • 

The Thing is so goddamn good you guys

probably the best movie Carpenter's made? Easily my favorite either way, although I've never seen Prince of Darkness. I tink people like that one a lot? Anyway, a little unfortunate that Alex was a bit overenthusiastic in the beginning and (lightly, imo) spoiled a bit.

Moda • 

I get its meant to have commentary track over it but man you guys barely stop talking