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    Shusse Ozumo

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released June 1984

    Battle it out sumo-style in this 1984 arcade release from Technos

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    Shusse Ōzumō is a side-view sumo wrestling game developed by Technōs Japan and released by SNK for arcades in Japan on June 1984.

    It is one of the two earliest known video game adaptations of the sport of sumo, with the other being Data East's Ōzumō: The Grand Sumo. Players control a sumo wrestler as they attempt to rise through the ranks by winning bouts of traditional sumo against a variety of opponents.

    Unlike Data East's offering, Shusse Ōzumō presents a more comical cartoonish approach to the sport with some arcade elements (such as opponents becoming visibly raged and players single-use bursts of "ki-ai" spirit to buff themselves).

    The game was later ported to the Sharp X68000 in 1994, bundled with Exciting Hour as the Video Game Anthology Vol. 8. It later received a console digital port as part of HAMSTER's Arcade Archives series, first for the PlayStation 4 (on January 22, 2014), then for the Nintendo Switch (on July 11, 2019). The Arcade Archives version changes some of the real names to fictitious ones.


    1. Yowa-no-sato (makushita, yellow)
    2. Tot-tsuki (jūryō rank 4, light green)
    3. Nige-no-tani (jūryō rank 3, gray)
    4. Tsuri-no-yama (jūryō rank 2, orange)
    5. Ton-kichi (jūryō rank 1, light blue)
    6. Oshin-hana (zentō rank 5, white)
    7. Nitari-kawa (zentō rank 4, yellow)
    8. Gaburi-yama (zentō rank 3, blue-green)
    9. Hari-ga-yo (zentō rank 2, cream)
    10. Omoro-tani (zentō rank 1, pink)
    11. Hataki-kawa (komusubi, tan)
    12. Ō-kuni (sekiwake, green)
    13. Kuma-no-yo (ōzeki, red)
    14. Futaba-yama (yokozuna, pink)

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