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In Mojo Bones' Siesta Fiesta, players take control of Siesta, a peacefully sleeping little guy whose bed makes its way to a crazy place called Fiestaville where his journey leads him across wild sidescrolling stages as he bounces curled in a ball on his bed to break blocks a score lots and lots of points. Siesta's adventure through Fiestaville takes him across 8 distinct regions with 55 levels


The game features various power ups, special blocks that break in different ways, creating a unique mix of auto-scrolling platforming and pinball-like scoring combos with the basic block-breaking from classic games. Siesta's bed is controller either via touch or the circle pad and his bounce height can be amplified by the push of a button.

Siesta can use various power ups like Ice Time! and Fire Time! with the appropriate elemental effects as well as Fiesta Time! allowing him to juggle multiple Fiestas at the same time.

Many levels have special gimmicks such as time-trial stages, dangerous explosive blocks that subtract points, flaming blocks, inflatable balloons and other things. There are also boss stages where the goal is to destroy the boss by manipulating or navigating a tricky environment.


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