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Great new way to experience Silent Hill

Silent Hill has been long known as one of the creepiest game series to ever hit consoles. It is one of my most favorite game series, and a great survival horror game.

Silent Hill 4 is a little different from the original Silent Hill that we are used to. It's a new way to experience the creepiness of Silent Hill and bold new step for survival horror. First and foremost, it's about a room (It's also about the town Silent Hill, but it's more of an indirect part of the story). The main character is Henry, who is having these strange repeating dreams that he cannot explain. When you add the fact that some one locked him into his own room from the inside, things start to get very interesting. It's an interesting turn for the series, but a bold one, which focuses more on isolation rather than exploration. Exploration however is a big part of the game and has always been one of the focuses when it comes to Silent Hill.

The combat is quite different from previous Silent Hill games. You have a charge meter to determine the strength of your physical attacks and you can access your inventory right on the game screen rather than having to go to the inventory menu in the options like previous installments.

It may be a new way to experience Silent Hill, but it's still very creepy and unnerving at points. I won't spoil anything, but I will say that some of the levels you come across will disturb you in ways no other game can. It's a trademark of the Silent Hill series that I love, and I hope that future installments will have.

I rate this game the 2nd most scariest Silent Hill game in the series, right behind Silent Hill 1. (Read my review on Silent Hill 1 to get a good laugh. It was my first experience with a real survival horror game). Silent Hill 4 is a good buy for fans of the series.

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