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Silent Steel is a full-motion video game developed and published by Tsunami Media, released in 1995 for the PC on 4 CD-ROM discs, and only playable in Windows 95. Silent Steel touts itself as an "Intelligent Motion Picture" with many different stories due to its core gameplay mechanic, which asks the player to select a variety of dialogue options throughout the game.

Interior footage (primarily onboard the submarine) was shot on a sound stage in a warehouse at the now-moved Charleston Naval Shipyard in North Charleston, South Carolina. Exterior footage of submarines and ships features the USS Clagamore submarine and the USS Laffey destroyer, both of which are found at the Patriots Point Naval Museum in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.


The gameplay in Silent Steel is singular from start to finish: the player chooses one of three dialogue options presented when the video pauses during the game. These choices can provide many permutations of the game's story; in some instances, the player's choice can produce a "Game Over" scenario, requiring the player to revisit the previous list of options in order to choose one that will advance the game's story.

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