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Players take control of the Silver Surfer through various stages. Each stage is split into several sections. After each section, there is a mini-boss that confronts the player. Other enemies will attack the player at the same time, and silver surfer must destroy the boss. The scroll-screen stops only at boss battles. At the third and final section, there is a main boss.





Fire Lord

Dorrek IV, the Skrull Emperor


When the enemies and bosses are defeated, Galactus, The Destroyer of Worlds, shows up. He sends the player to the Magik Domain in order to retrieve the cosmic device. The final boss that has the Cosmic Device is Mister Sinister. Once defeated the game is over.


The player is armed with lasers that shoot out of his hands towards attacking enemies. Collecting silver balls will let you shoot up, down, behind, or forward. The player can also collect f's to shoot fire, and b's to shoot bombs.



The game received multiple mixed reviews. Mostly, it was criticized for taking one hit to die.

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